Where Are They Now?

Check out the new “Trenton Makes” blog for a look at where players from Thunder past are at in the present, courtesy of long-time friend and colleague Dave McDonough…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


5 Responses to “Where Are They Now?”

  1. Steven Says:

    There is suppose to be a story on Manny Banuelos in the sporting news,does anyone know if it came out or when it comes out.Thanks.

  2. Art Vandelay Says:

    His years are wrong for Josh Schmidt and Lance Pendelton.

  3. David McD Says:

    Yeah, don’t know how I got Schmitt wrong – should be 08. And Pendelton did get in 8 games in 09, as well as pitching in 10. Trust Art to get it right, without saying, hey, nice job on all the hard work. Well, I haven’t gotten a kind word out of Vandelay in 15 years, so what should I expect?

  4. David McD Says:

    Now was that so hard?

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