Game 31: In-Game Updates


Top 1st — Betances touches 95 MPH…20 pitches/9 strikes.  Two walks, two K’s.  No hits, no runs, no drips, no errors.  0-0 going to B1.

Top 2nd — 13 pitches/7 strikes.  Two more K’s.

Top 3rd — 12 pitches/9 strikes. Two more K’s. Six through three, and no hits.

Bottom 3rd — An Austin Krum sac fly puts Trenton on top, 1-0.

Top 4th — Betances had a stretch where he struck out seven of nine batters…he allowed a hit and two walks in the fourth, but also struck out his seventh R-Phil of the game. 23 pitches/14 strikes. 1-0, Thunder lead.

Bottom 4th — Bloop RBI single by Melky Mesa ups Trenton’s advantage to 2-0.

Top 5th — That might be it for Betances. He’s through five…76 pitches/41 strikes. 1 H, 0 R, 4 BB, 7 K.

Bottom 7th — Cory Arbiso has spun two scoreless in relief of Betances…it remains 2-0.

Bottom 8th — Phillippe Aumont came in and worked a perfect 8th…95 MPH on the gun. Strikeout video below.


3 Responses to “Game 31: In-Game Updates”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the vids, Mike. Sounds like the curveball is working well. Has Dellin thrown any changeups?

  2. kinglear Says:

    Do you know Betances’ velocity on FB and CB? Sounds like he still is having some control issues, although love the 7 K’s. Can you find out what Tommy Phelps thinks regarding where Betances and Banuelos are at this point in this early part of season? Thanks!

  3. thunderbaseball Says:

    95 on Betances’ FB. He has thrown the change a little.

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