Saturday Leftovers

Apologies for no post-game notes yesterday…but I went to sleep when I got home and got up today at around 4:45 PM.  So that should give you a good indication as to how burned out I was from the trip to and from Erie and not being able to go home afterwards.

Anyway, hope you guys checked out The Trentonian for my coverage from yesterday.   If you didn’t…well, there’s this magical thing called the interwebs, in which you can actually read stories online.  So, check out my side story on Fernando Hernandez here, and check out my game story on Carlos Silva’s outing here.

People have asked my thoughts on Silva’s outing, and I tried to answer everyone individually on Twitter or via e-mail last night.  I mentioned this in that Trentonian game story last night, but I’ll say it here as well…a good Double-A outing doesn’t really mean a whole lot to me for someone like Silva.  See: Millwood, Kevin. 

Millwood was aces down here, and then he got up to Triple-A and got smoked.  I think Triple-A is the real test, just because of the veteran hitters he’d face up there…same thing happened to Victor Zambrano a few years back when he was with Trenton.

Zambrano was the Eastern League Pitcher of the Week and then went up to Scranton and got knocked around.  Same thing.  Show me in Scranton, not Trenton.  But just like Millwood, I think Silva will get that opportunity to do just that.

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