Noesi Gets Dusted Off; Debuts, Wins

There was no truth to the rumor that Hector Noesi was kept next to the fire extinguisher in the Yankees clubhouse.

In case of emergency, break glass

But it seemed he’d never get into a big league game, having endured a second stint of inactivity after a first long call-up saw him get dry humped a few times (when a reliever warms up without getting in…not the other thing, dirty-minded readers) but ultimately stay dormant.

That all changed tonight when, well…Joe Girardi had an emergency.  After running out of pitchers, the Yankees manager broke the glass, so to speak, and out came Noesi to make his Major League debut in the 12th inning of a 1-1 game at Camden Yards.

And all the Yankees seventh-ranked prospect did was pick up his first big league win, pitching in and out of trouble, but keeping the Orioles off the board.  The 24-year-old righty, who went 8-4 with a 3.10 ERA in 17 appearances for Trenton last season, threw 66 pitches over four innings to help the Yankees get a much needed 4-1 win in 15 innings against Baltimore.

Noesi allowed four hits and four walks, but also struck out four batters, including the first two he faced in the big leagues.  Noesi joins Lance Pendleton and Amauri Sanit as former members of the Thunder to make their big league debuts with the Yankees this season.

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2 Responses to “Noesi Gets Dusted Off; Debuts, Wins”

  1. Peter Lacock Says:

    He might not have been next to the fire extinguisher in the Yankees clubhouse, but he was in the vicinity.
    He took advantage of an opportunity.
    Good for him.

  2. Allan Steinberg Says:

    Do the Yankee’s every bring up a player developed in the minors or simply trade them for big established players?

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