Game 53: Altoona @ Trenton, In-Game Updates

Top 1st — Kei Igawa gave up a long double to #3 hitter Quincy Lattimore, but that was the only damage Altoona did…Trenton and Altoona scoreless, going to B1.

Bottom 1st — Trenton goes down in order…

Top 2nd — Igawa gives up a bomb to Matt Curry…will have video shortly.  Altoona leads 1-0, going into B2.

Bottom 2nd — Corban Joseph drew a bases loaded walk, which you can see here…

…but Addison Maruszak struck out and DeAngelo Mack grounded into a double play to end the threat.

…1-1 game.

Top 5th — A Jordy Mercer base knock puts another run on the board in the third…and Altoona as a 2-1 lead heading into the 5th. Igawa at 66/38 through four.

Igawa gives up solo shots to Quincy Lattimore and Mercer. 4-1, Curve lead. Good times. Igawa at 87 MPH on le gun of speed.

Top 6th — Igawa out after a poor outing…Naoya Okamoto in.

Top 7th — Grant Duff in…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


One Response to “Game 53: Altoona @ Trenton, In-Game Updates”

  1. Peter Lacock Says:

    Has Igawa mailed it in? He should be dominating AA.

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