Game 53: Pre-Game Notes

5:45 PM — News?  I have no news.  But I did speak to Austin Romine and Shaeffer Hall for something you’ll see in Saturday’s Trentonian, and to Cody Johnson for something you’ll see on here a little bit down the road.  I’ve been a little critical of Cody, I know…but what a fantastic guy.

If anything breaks between now and game time, I’ll let you know…but I’d assume that I won’t have anything on here until Igawa-Mania kicks off around 7:05 PM.

3:45 PM — It’s nice to be back at the ol’ ballyard…

No news of any sort as of yet, but I do have lineups for you:


Brock Holt 2B
Brad Chalk CF
Quincy Lattimore LF
Jordy Mercer SS
Matt Curry 1B
Tony Sanchez C
Travis Scott DH
Greg Picart 3B
Jose Hernandez RF

Jeff Locke P


Ray Kruml CF
Jose Pirela SS
Austin Romine C
Brad Suttle 3B
Cody Johnson DH
Jose Gil 1B
Corban Joseph 2B
Addison Maruszak RF
DeAngelo Mack LF

Kei Igawa P

Also, my buddy and recently retired UFC fighter Ricardo Almeida will be having an Autism Awareness fundraiser at the track at the Hamilton West High School on Saturday from 10 AM-3 PM.  It’s a walkathon/runathon format, so be sure to go check that out if you have some time.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


2 Responses to “Game 53: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. Art Vandelay Says:

    I hope you have your media credential on…I don’t think anyone at Waterfront Park would recognize you…I think Steve Garrison started the last game you covered.

  2. cec Says:

    He is a busy man, give the guy a break.

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