Game 54: Pre-Game Notes

6:55 PM — Warner Madrigal headed for elbow surgery…

6:05 PM — It’s just a day off for Romine…as of now.  No definitive word that he’s injured, but all I’ll say is that it’s curious that he’s not playing the night after that collision.  But he and Tony Franklin insist it’s a day off, and I’ll take them at their word.

4:45 PM — Austin Romine, who was run over during a home plate collision last night by Altoona’s Travis Scott, is injured…no word on the extent or nature of the injury.  I’ll have more when I get more.

4:10 PM — It is very much so worth noting that a day after getting run over at the plate, Austin Romine is not in the lineup.  And now, he isn’t on the field or in the dugout during drills.  Hmmm..

4:05 PM — Here’s a shot of James Rowson, the team’s new…for now, hitting coach…

4:00 PM — I can confirm John Nalbone’s report that Julius Matos has been suspended indefinitely by the Yankees organization.  I’ll have more info if there is any…doubting Tony Franklin will address it any more than he did last night.

I am on Trentonian duty tonight…and I will have a Shaeffer Hall feature for you with some pretty interesting quotes from both he and Austin Romine.  And I have that Cody Johnson feature I owe you as well…

I do have lineups…


Mastroianni, LF
Hechavarria, SS
Gose, CF
McDade, 1B
Sierra, RF
D’Arnaud, C
Gomes, DH
Sobolewski, 3B
Tolisano, 2B

Stewart, P


Kruml, CF
Joseph, 2B
Suttle, 1B
Johnson, DH
Gil, C
Pirela, SS
Mack, LF
Maruszak, RF
Mujica, 3B

Hall, P

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


One Response to “Game 54: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. cec Says:

    It’s not like matos took off his shirt to fight the entire team. That’s still a great b mets story. I am heading to the game tonight. Should be a good night for a ball game.

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