Game 55: Pre-Game Notes

6:05 PM — Austin Romine woke up yesterday morning with a stiff neck and back.  He grimaced when putting his hoodie on…neither he or Tony Franklin suspect it’s a concussion, but he was evaluated by team doctor Lou Fares.  As of now, it doesn’t seem he will be placed on the DL…although, Romine being unavailable gives the team only 10 position players.  Romine initially said that his availabilty pinch hit or play is entirely up to Franklin, but when I pressed him, he said he didn’t see why he wouldn’t be able to pinch hit.

Also, I spoke to DeAngelo Mack for another feature I owe you guys…

3:35 PM — It took just one glance at the lineup to see what the story of the day is going to be.  For a second straight day, Austin Romine isn’t in it.  Hmmm…



Mastroianni, LF
Hechavarria, SS
Gose, CF
McDade, 1B
Sierra, RF
Nanita, DH
Gomes, C
Sobolewski, 3B
Crabbe, 2B

Gonzalez, P


Kruml, LF
Joseph, 2B
Suttle, 1B
Johnson, DH
Gil, C
Pirela, SS
Mack, LF
Maruszak, RF
Mujica, 3B

Betances, P

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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