Quick Updates

I will not be at the Thunder game tonight, but will be there tomorrow night and Thursday…well, most of Thursday, before I have to leave to head on a bus for the 20-hour ride to Columbus, Georgia with the Trenton Steel.  That’s 20 hours one way.  Be jealous.

Outside of that, I have some news…

I exchanged e-mails with Mark Newman today, and he tells me that Steve Garrison is pitching in rehab games (I assume in extended spring training).  Garrison has not pitched for Trenton since May 3rd.

Graham Stoneburner is throwing bullpens right now.  He’s been sidelined since April 21st with neck and shoulder issues.

I exchanged texts with Alan Horne last night, who confirmed what Newman told me today…he’s close to a return.  Horne threw 70 pitches in extended spring training on Sunday, and is slated to make his last start on Friday before heading north.  Just where he’s going, however, is to be determined.

And Jeremy Bleich is “not close” to returning, according to Newman.  He’s been shelved since last season after undergoing labrum surgery.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


One Response to “Quick Updates”

  1. Peter Lacock Says:

    Hey Mike, there are planes y’know……
    unless it’s the team bus then, Big Party!

    Good to hear from Newman as usual.
    Garrison would nicely slot right into Igawa’s vacated spot. Sounds like he’s not too far.
    Stoneburner may still be awhile, another month?
    Bleich, next year.
    Good to hear about Horne. Boy, if somehow he could get all the way back to ’07 form.

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