Game 66: Pre-Game Notes

5:45 PM — Had an exclusive chat with Austin Romine…here are the highlights:

“I did some work with my core, and eliptical and running for 20 minutes.  Then I sprinted for 10 minutes; 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off.  It’s just coming along.  I still haven’t picked up a bat or anything like that, we’ve just got to make sure I’m in shape before I get back to playing.  I can’t just jump right into it.  I know it’s going to be time consuming, I’ve been around, so I know how long it’s going to take to get back.  I’m just going with what they say.”

“I feel fine, I feel really good.  I was a little surprised (I had a concussion), like I said, I never had a concussion so I had no idea what it felt like.  I just knew something was wrong, I felt off.  It got worse and a little worse and a little worse, and I went and saw some people and I had the symptoms of a concussion.  They were like ‘you’ve got a concussion,’ and I was like, ‘Well, all right.’  I thought something was up because I didn’t feel like right.”

“I had the fog and stuff like that and I felt dizzy and my center of balance was off.  I just didn’t feel right.  You know, when you wake up and everything just slowed down and stuff like that, you know something’s wrong.  I’ve been through injuries and things like that before.  I’ve taken foul balls off the face and been dizzy and it’s gone away, and I’d been able to get through all that.  But this was something I couldn’t get through.  I needed some time.  But I woke up a couple days ago and I felt great, I had energy.  All the fog was gone, the dizzyness was gone.  I just felt good.”

“(Coming back) It’s really when MLB and the Yankees decide I can play.  I know that I’ve been cleared by doctors here, and I saw Dr. Fares and got cleared and went to a neurologist at St. Francis and got cleared by him.  I took the impact tests from MLB and I passed.  Now I’ve just got to get MLB.  I’m not in a rush, whatever they say is what’s going to happen and I can’t change that.  I’m just going to go with what they say.”

4:20 PM — Igawa is actually here.  Follow your dreams and follow the blue glove.

3:50 PM — Lineups…


Lombardozzi 2B
Johnson SS
Rahl RF
Moore DH
Norris C
Rhinehart LF
Pahuta 1B
King 3B
Tucker CF

Roark P


Kruml CF
Joseph 2B
Suttle 3B
Johnson DH
Gil C
Mack LF
Pirela SS
Place RF
Maruszak 1B

Heyer P

3:15 PM — Sounds like Kei Igawa is coming back to the Thunder.  Please plan alternate routes driving to Trenton today, as I’m sure there will be a ticker tape parade to welcome him back.

Igawa, all kidding aside, has been quite good this season.  He earned his second call-up to Scranton last week and turned in a fairly solid start in Triple-A, his second such outing this season.  All in all, between Trenton and Scranton, Igawa has posted a 2-2 record with a 3.25 ERA with a save in 13 games.

There would not need to be a corresponding move, as the Thunder roster is currently at 22 players, minus Igawa.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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  1. Heredia dominant again in Tampa win | River Avenue Blues Says:

    […] Mike Ashmore spoke to Austin Romine, who talked about his concussion. Ha still has not picked up a bat. Grant Duff was also placed on the disabled list with a shoulder issue, and it sounds like Carlos Silva is ready to come off the disabled list after dealing with a shoulder issue of his own. As for the really bad news, Tim Norton has a severely torn labrum and this latest shoulder ailment might be career-threatening. That’s a damn shame, he was maybe a month away from the big leagues given how well he was pitching. […]

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