Garrison Successful In Staten Island Start

The Yankees tried to make Steve Garrison go to rehab and he said…well, he said yes.  He had no choice.  And by rehab, I of course mean a rehab start…Trenton’s own Stevenson Garrison made his first five starts for the Thunder without issue, but experienced what seemed to be a minor left groin issue in the sixth outing in early May.  At the time, it seemed he might only miss two or three starts, and even sending him to Tampa took him a little bit off guard.

A month and a half later, and the 24-year-old lefty finally got back on the mound last night in Staten Island, throwing five scoreless innings against Hudson Valley.  He allowed four hits, walked one and struck out four. 

I think the initial questions might revolve around where will Garrison fit into Trenton’s rotation once he returns…after all, he does have a 40-man roster spot and therefore would certainly take priority over others when it came to getting one of the five slots.  But, Garrison’s future in the Bronx would seem to be in a relief role.  I’m just thinking out loud here, but I don’t think it would be surprising to eventually see him slotted into a relief role at some point down the road.  Yes, he did throw five innings for Staten Island, but that doesn’t mean he can’t transition between roles, as he had to do coming out of big league spring training.

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