Talkin’ Hughes With Tony Franklin, Austin Romine and Manny Banuelos


“My pitcher was extremely good.  I just talked to Phil out there and asked him how he felt, and he said he felt very good.  he looked like he was in very good rhythm with his delivery and mechanics.  I never saw a pitch that missed location by a wide margin, and that’s a pretty good indication that he’s staying within his lines and that sort of thing.  Everything was working.”

“I thought he was pretty good in New Britain also, but his command was probably a little bit better today.  He was really locating really, really well.  He looked pretty good both times out, but he looked a little stronger today.  He got in on hitters really well today and tied them up.”

“That was a model (for pitch efficiency).  You don’t have to go out there and break every bat and strike out every hitter.  You throw to your spots, you make them put the ball in play, and you get quick outs, which he did.  He goes six and a third, and maybe he got a little winded there at the end, but that was to be expected.  But that was a model out there.  If there’s one thing that I would ask the younger guys to take notice of is that; quick outs, make them hit it, and don’t try to strike out everybody and then you can go six or seven innings with 88 pitches.  It’s a pretty simple formula.” 


“Phil looked good today.  I think he was a little bit more on top of his stuff today.  He threw in and out well, cutters in and out.  He said he wanted to work on his curveball today, and he got a lot of them in there.  It was really cool to catch him.”

“I think he threw pitches where he wanted to, and that’s why he’s in the big leagues.”

“Every time you get a big league rehab guy, guys swing a little bit more because they’re more around the zone.  I think they came out real aggressive and realized they couldn’t do that against Phil Hughes.”

“I think he’s perfectly ready right now.  It’s certainly not my position to say if he is or isn’t.” 


“He looked pretty good.  He had great stuff, great command.  He showed that early in the game.”

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