Game 79: Pre-Game Notes

6:20 PM — The Derek Jeter tickets sold for $81, thus raising $81 for High Socks For Hope.  Awesome.

5:50 PM — No real news to speak of downstairs.  Tony Franklin, as expected, could not yet officially acknowledge that Derek Jeter would be joining the Thunder.

In non-Jeter news, I spoke to Shaeffer Hall, who came into yesterday’s game in relief of Phil Hughes and pitched just two innings.  He says he doesn’t plan on doing anything different with his side work inbetween this outing and his next, which will be a July 4th start.

“It’s just business as usual,” Hall said.

“We’re just going to continue to do my normal starting routine.  It just kind of happened that I was throwing on the day that Phil was throwing, so I was in the relief role and piggybacking him.  Nothing’s going to change.  I don’t think it will (throw me off), I hope not.  I’m just going to continue what I’ve been doing.”

Hall hadn’t pitched in relief this season, and labeled the experience as “different.”

“It was definitely different coming into the second half of the game, it was a little different.  I can’t really explain it.  But it wasn’t bad, I might have to be in that role later on.  So I accepted it and if I’m in that situation, I’ve got to put some zeroes up on the board.”

4:00 PM — Lineups…


Marte, CF
Holt, 2B
Lambo, RF
Sanchez, C
Rodriguez, SS
Latimore, LF
Curry, 1B
Hernandez, DH
Picart, 3B

Pribanic, P


Kruml, RF
Joseph, 2B
Romine, C
Johnson, DH
Suttle, 3B
Mesa, CF
Lyerly, 1B
Sublett, LF
Mujica, SS

Garrison, P

3:15 PM — So, anything going on? 

Ha, yes…it sounds like Derek Jeter will be here on Saturday and Sunday.  There is nothing official yet from the Thunder, but just about every major New York media outlet is reporting that he’ll be here this weekend and will return to the Yankees on Monday.

The Thunder will likely be able to make it official once Jeter gets through his Friday workout, I’m told.

So, I’ll obviously have quite a bit of the focus on that moving forward.  I’ll have lineups for you for today’s game, and any relevant information that comes along.  Trenton native Steve Garrison will be on the bump for the Thunder today…

I’m also on Trentonian duty, so blog work will be lighter than usual for today…but I’ll have video and photos and Twitter updates as always.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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