Catching Up…

We’re at that point in the season where the amount of work I’ve done far exceeds the amount of stories I can actually write.  So here are some links and snippets and quotes and whatnot that will hopefully tide you over for now…

— Here’s a link to Josh Norris’ blog post where you can see video interviews that he and I did with Chase Whitley and Josh Romanski. 

— Austin Romine was selected to both the Futures Game and Eastern League All-Star Game for the second consecutive season.  Kudos to yudos, Austin.  In separate interviews, I asked him about being asked to play in each game…

Futures Game: “I actually found out from Cory Arbiso (that I was going).  We were sitting in the clubhouse and he was on his computer.  He goes, ‘Hey, Romine.  Did you know you made the All-Star team?’  I go, ‘the Futures All-Star team?’  He said, ‘Yeah.’  I’m like, ‘That’s cool.’  He goes, ‘You didn’t know?’  Nope.  ‘Congratulations.’  And I was like, ‘Thanks.’  So I went online and saw it, and that’s how I found out.

Futures Game: “I didn’t even think about going again.  Getting to go once, it’s a big honor.  I think you’re allowed to go twice, but I figured we’ve got a lot of young prospects and they might throw it their way.  But they chose me again, so I’m hoping I can go out there and represent the Yankees the best I can and do as well as I can last year.”

Futures Game: “I saw Trout last year, and he pretty much backed up the hype.  He played well.  He’s fast and a good guy.  I tend not to look at all that hype stuff, but those two guys, Harper and Trout, they’re the real deal.  I got to play against Harper in the Fall League for a little bit, and it should be fun to see them play at this kind of level.”

Futures Game: “This is something that you go to.  It is a huge honor to be invited to this type of a game.  Anything that I’m invited to, I’m going to go to.  People took the time to see that I was good enough to go.”

Eastern League All-Star Game: “I did (both games) last year.  It’s an honor to be selected.  It is tiring, but it’s an honor.” 

— As you know, four Trenton Thunder players were named to the Eastern League All-Star Game; Romine, Corban Joseph, Dellin Betances and Manny Banuelos.  The game will be played in New Hampshire this year, but I will be unable to attend due to a prior commitment.  Thankfully, that prior commitment is covering the 2011 MLB All-Star Game in Arizona.  I will be there for the Futures Game, Home Run Derby and the game itself, and will be providing updates the entire time.

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2 Responses to “Catching Up…”

  1. SteveB Says:

    Mike, I am hearing both games are sellouts, and that the Saturday game in particular is selling SRO tickets briskly & may establish a new attendance record. Do you have any idea who the starting pitchers will be those two games? (Maybe Heyer & Banuelos?) Thanx.

  2. Ashmore Says:

    Correct on all accounts

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