The Search For Pam Beesley, Day 1

SCRANTON, PA — Well, I’m here in Scranton on a quest to find Dunder Mifflin receptionist Pam Beesley.  In the meantime though, I thought I’d check out two Scranton Yankees games…perhaps that whole lead in was just an excuse to dig through Jenna Fischer photos.  Perhaps it wasn’t.  Either way, there it is.

My trip out here has been very fruitful so far…I’ve interviewed Andrew Brackman, George Kontos, D.J. Mitchell, Ivan Nova, David Phelps, Kanekoa Texeira, Brandon Laird and Austin Krum.  And that’s just pre-game on day one.  I’ve lined up chats with a few others, and I’ve got some photos and will be sure to take a ton of video as well.

So stay tuned to the blog for some features and other good stuff over the next few days…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


5 Responses to “The Search For Pam Beesley, Day 1”

  1. Peter Lacock Says:

    Mike, did Phelps say how his shoulder’s doing?

  2. Ashmore Says:

    Back in 2 weeks…

  3. Dave S. Staten Island Says:

    Good stuff Mike, I know Tex and PJ are on the DL. Is the Tex DL a real injury?

  4. Ashmore Says:


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