In Defense Of His Defense: Talkin’ Montero

Jesus Montero caught in 33 games with the Trenton Thunder in 2009

I asked two Scranton Yankees pitchers — and Trenton Thunder alums — D.J. Mitchell and Eric Wordekemper to talk about the progress that New York Yankees top prospect Jesus Montero has made behind the plate.  Here’s what they had to say:


“He’s progressed.  I think especially the last road trip was the best I’ve seen him behind the plate.  Just small things like calling the game and taking control of the game back behind the plate.  I know my last start, and I saw a couple others starts, where it looked like he was in control.  You see guys like Molina here and Pilittere or are very good at that.  It looks like he’s taken some of that stuff in and he’s done pretty well his last few starts.”

“What I mean by controlling the game is knowing the hitters, knowing the situation…he’s still a young guy and I think he has some things to learn, but he’s doing well with it.  I know it’s tough and some guys give him a hard time, but I think he’s going good and he’s progressing, especially lately like I said on that road trip.  He commanded the game and took control back there and was pretty much a leader.”


“He’s definitely improved as far as receiving the ball from pitchers.  He’s getting more strikes.  He used to be a little weaker in the wrists and even the way he set up, since he’s so big, sometimes he’d block umpires views and whatnot.  But he’s definitely worked on his flexibility and getting lower, giving good targets.  So in that aspect, he’s gotten a lot better, just receiving the ball.  He’s working on his blocking drills, and he’s vastly improved.  Each year, he just needs to keep working and staying on top of it, because he is such a big boy that he has a lot to work with behind there.”

“He’s done a nice job (with gamecalling).  I think he’s getting more confident each year, and he’s getting a better idea each year of hitters and how they’re reacting to certain pitches in order to call the next pitch.  That comes with experience, and he’s getting there.  He’s doing a nice job.  He’s wanting to learn and figure it all out.  He’ll eventually get there.”

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3 Responses to “In Defense Of His Defense: Talkin’ Montero”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I see that Okamoto has been released by the Yankee organization. I also see that Igawa has been placed on the DL. Anyone know the nature and extent of the Igawa injury? This is per the official Trenton Thunder website as of 4:08 p.m. (Eastern) on 7/7/2011

  2. Ashmore Says:

    As of now, no. Difficult to get that kind of info when the team is on the road.

  3. kinglear Says:

    Thanks for the Montero coverage!

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