2011 Futures Game Quotebox


“It’s a complete honor.  Just to be around these players and these coaches that are here that all have big league time, it’s a lot of fun to just be able to sit and talk to these guys and learn from them.”

“(Looking forward to playing with) Jarred Cosart.  He’s here from the Phillies, and I played summer ball against him in high school.  So it’s kind of cool to see what he’s turned into.”

“I go into every season looking forward to doing well.  It’s hard to say this is what I expected, but I expected to do well with the work I put in.”

“It was a huge surprise (getting selected).  I really wasn’t thinking about it, it wasn’t even on my radar.  So it felt really good to be selected.”


“It’s an honor, especially being with all these great players.  It was one of my goals at the beginning of the season, to be out here.  So it’s definitely an awesome feeling.”

“The only reason why I knew about it was because (Mike) Trout’s from South Jersey.  I knew that he was in it, and I was like you know what, that’s something I want to try to obtain.  That’s a goal that I want to have, to try to make the Futures Game.  So that was one of the biggest reasons, was because of him.  That’s why I wanted to get here.”

“To be honest, Trout was the guy I wanted to play with.  I played against him in high school.  But I was two years older than him, so I didn’t really get to see him mature and really getting after it because I was in college.  But I really wanted to try and catch up with him and hang out at least.”

“I’m a hard worker.  I’m not really a big power hitter, I just try to make things happen with my speed and create problems for the defense.  In the outfield, I’d say I’m still a little shaky.  But I’m getting better.  I haven’t been playing baseball full-time, I’ve always played football.  So it’s just making progress with experience.”

“I’m a little bit in awe right now, seeing all this stuff and seeing all these players.  It’s fun, man.”


“Just like it is for everyone here, it’s a great opportunity.  I’m sure everyone here feels very happy to be selected by their organizations to come.  It’s the type of thing where you’re never going to forget it and you’re always going to cherish it.”

“I have more of an inside-out type swing.  Needs to get better with the glove, as usual.  But I’m young and whatnot.  Just a scrappy type of player.”

“This is a ballpark I’ve never been to.  When we played ASU when I was in college, our team came through here one time and I didn’t decide to go on the trip.  I stayed at the hotel instead.  So it’s going to be fun to come see this and actually check out the ballpark.”


“It’s a huge honor.  I couldn’t be happier.  It’s kind of all hitting me as it comes.  This is my first pro season and it’s probably the biggest thing I’ve ever gotten.  Just a big honor for me, a huge honor.”

“Actually, I had no idea (I might get selected).  I’m good friends with Eric Hosmer, who played in it last year, and Mike Moustakas.  So I had watched them play in it, but never really thought much about it.  It was definitely a big surprise when I got picked.”

“Spring training and High-A was good.  I got off to a pretty good start, which is always good.  I got moved up to Double-A, and I’m leaving the ball up a little bit and getting behind some hitters and getting hit a little bit.  Other than that, I couldn’t be happier with the season I’m having.  I’m just trying to finish strong.”

“The hitters have a lot more patience in Double-A, a lot more of a plan.  If you miss up, you’re going to get hit.  I’m learning that now and just trying to get ahead and get back on track.”


“I’d never made an All-Star Game before, so to be at this one, it’s an honor.  It’s really great.  I just had no idea (I’d get picked).  They told me, and I was excited.  I’m glad to be here.”

“Everything’s been going great.  I’m doing well and throwing strikes and keeping the ball down in the zone.  Everything’s working out for me.”

“I’d never thought I’d be 10-2.  (Laughs) It’s a great feeling.  I think the most wins I’d ever had in a season was six.  To have ten, that’s just great.  I’m just doing well, making my pitches the way I need to and working counts.  It’s been great.”

“Me and Randy Tomlin and Paul Menhart worked together in spring training, and we were trying to figure out why I would get hit in the fifth or sixth inning, or the third time around the order.  And they were saying I was showing the ball.  So we worked on deception every day in spring training.  I guess I was showing it.  I looked at the video, and I kept pulling my hands away from my body and showing what was coming.  We worked on just keeping it close to my body, and everything’s been great so far.  I guess it’s working.”

“We worked on a couple things, and we just found what’s comfortable for me and what’s worked for me and we found it.”


“Obviously, it’s an awesome experience.  It’s a great honor to be selected with the best minor leaguers and best prospects out there.  It’ll be good to face some.”

“I’d say yeah, it was (on my radar).  I went to the game when it was in St. Louis, just as a fan, before I got drafted.  So I was able to see it then.  Obviously, a lot of those guys from that game ended up going to the big leagues.  Obviously, that’s the ultimate goal for anybody here, to use this as a springboard to get to whatever the next level might be.”

“I don’t think you ever really have an idea of what to expect until you experience it.  This is pretty awesome right here, I’m just trying to enjoy it as much as I can.”


“Yeah, pretty much (this was on my radar).  I was really excited to go out and try and get in the Futures Game and be here.  I’m just really happy to be here and can’t wait to get going.”


“I felt good out there, I had a lot of fun.  Being around the guys I’ve been around, it’s been awesome.  I had a great experience out there, I loved it.”

“Brooksie (Will Middlebrooks), he can swing it really well.  Our whole team can swing it really well.  Mesoraco, I played against him in the AFL, he can swing it really well.  Skaggs looked great on the bump, Peacock looked good on the bump, there’s a lot of guys that we have…Matt Harvey looked good for that one out that he got.  There’s a lot of guys that can really throw, and one through nine we can really swing it.  USA can really put it out there.”


“It was a great experience just to be here with all the guys.  Great athletes, great players.  The ability in this locker room right now is crazy.  The sky is the limit for every one of these guys.  It’s an honor to be here, man.  It was a whole lot of fun, we got to play the game we love in front of a whole lot of people in a big league stadium.  What else can you ask for?” 

“Yeah, it could have gone (better), but other than that…just see the ball, hit the ball.  I got a ball up, 2-0, and pretty much was sitting dead fastball and got a swing on it.  I hit it off the wall, got an RBI and got the double.  Then Romine came in with the big hit and got me home to score the run.”

“The Futures Game was definitely a goal, I wanted to be in it this year.  I wasn’t in it last year, I didn’t have the season I wanted to.  But this, this is a great feeling just to be in the Futures Game.  Great feeling.”

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


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