All Romine, All The Time

Time to empty the recorder and pass along Austin Romine’s pre-game comments, as well as Grant Green’s pre-game comments about Romine and Tim Beckham’s post-game comments about him:


“For the Yankees to consider sending me and that I can represent the club the way it should be represented, it’s a big honor for me to be able to come back again for the second time. This is the highlight of my year, this is a fun thing to get to come to and play with a bunch of other potential big leaguers. This is the best baseball you can play all year. I like coming here, it’s a blast, I have fun with it. I get to come to a big league park. I’ve got a couple buddies here, too. I even have got a guy I went to high school with, Arenado from the Rockies. That was really weird. I played with him when he was a sophomore and I was a senior. This is a really fun time for me.”

“It’s been just like last year, very high class. Everything’s done, I assume, like in the big leagues.”


“We played travel ball together. Played in this last year and played fall ball together. I’ve known him and his brother for quite a while.”


“(Romine) was great. He had some great swings, played great defense. The sky’s the limit for him as well. I wish him the best of luck he’s a great player.”

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