Game 105: Pre-Game Notes

5:55 PM — Grant Duff is out for the season…

We spoke to Corban Joseph and Manny Banuelos about trade deadline stuff…stay tuned for that.  Also, Graham Stoneburner starts tomorrow.  They’ll need to make a move to get him on the roster.

4:45 PM — Sounds like DeAngelo Mack will be activated today…



Peguero, RF
Culberson, 2B
Kieschnick, LF
Dominguez, 3B
Hodges, 1B
Monell, C
Perez, CF
Schoop, SS
Fairley, DH

Lofgren, P


Kruml, LF
Joseph, 2B
Romine, DH
Lyerly, 1B
Mesa, CF
Almonte, RF
Pirela, SS
Gil, C
Maruszak, 3B

Betances, P

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

18 Responses to “Game 105: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. kinglear Says:

    Please keep giving Betances’ velocities, MIke. Also can you let us know what he is throwing. Sounds like the CB continues to be his best pitch. Any changeups? Also what Nardi/Newman think of Betances’s progress or anything else you can get. Thanks!

  2. kinglear Says:

    What is the deal with them pulling him after only 63 pitches? Is it b/c he labored? Do the Yankees ever let a pitcher work out of a difficult inning? 63 pitches! Sheesh!

  3. Dealin Dellin Says:

    The Yankees make me sick.

    They pull Betances after a few non-hits with an incredibly low pitch count because they’re development period of him has ended, now it’s strictly showcase time.

    Why else would you pull your best pitching prospect at 63 pitches in the sixth inning, when you’re theoretically trying to build up his arm? Especially since he left his previous start with heat-related problems in the 3rd or 4th inning? Perfect opportunity to let him work through from the stretch & get out of trouble.

    Oh, I forgot. The Yankees can’t even entertain the notion of “trouble.” They have to trade away for “guarantees” and “trouble free” pitching because of some ridiculous fantasy that they can assure themselves a World Series.

    They’re cowards who have no guts to develop their own pitching. They screw up virtually every promising arm they have, either by banishing them to the bullpen or by chasing after someone else’s “established” bullet-proof alternative, which is always “better” than what they have.


    • Peter Lacock Says:

      Exactly what you said is why you pull him out. Heat stroke can kill. If you don’t know how serious it was you shouldn’t be talking about it. Doing so makes you the fool.

      • Dealin Dellin Says:

        What do you do? Lie in wait of something you can misconstrue so you can play some misdirected game of reprimand?

        Or are you just a poor reader? The point was NOT that they should have kept him in with heat stroke, but that since he only pitched 3-plus innings the previous week DUE to heat stroke (as opposed to a poor outing), you would probably let him push through the sixth inning trouble he encountered last night having been efficient through the first five.

        Now get lost until you can develop some civility, grace, & a desire for actual dialogue instead of using your bad reading skills to insult people.

      • Peter Lacock Says:

        You were insulting first and you’re accusing me? And you don’t know me. I’ve been commenting on this blog and others for years. I wait for no one. Are you paranoid?
        You are the coward. You started it. You’re getting a taste of your own medicine and you can’t take it.

        What are your credentials to be speaking so expertly about heat stroke and player development? What are you 14?
        Do you know that heat stroke can affect someone for days or weeks after the inital symptoms manifest?
        It’s better they pull him too soon rather than too late.
        You might want to think twice before bitching and moaning about things for which you have no expertise. And the name-calling has no place in an intelligent discussion.
        You’ll understand when you’re older.

  4. ThunderFan Says:

    Sorry but Dellin sucked tonight. Loaded up the bases walked in a run, had an error and gave up 7 hits and 5 runs. Top prospect? If that’s true than the Yanks are in trouble. He hasn’t been very impressive at all this season. Frankly the “Killer Bees” are more like house flies.

  5. Off day notes and links | The Lohud Yankees Blog Says:

    […] Graham Stoneburner is healthy and ready to return to the Trenton rotation tomorrow. Even in the prospect world, Stoneburner’s not quite a household name, but he’s one of […]

  6. Dealin Dellin Says:

    Mike, I’d be interested to hear the party line on why you pull a guy who was cruising for five innings at his first hiccup in the game, one abetted by a shoddy fielding play at that.

    Is that supposed to be their idea of development? Or is my more sinister interpretation correct?

    Thanks, looking forward to their explanation, if it’s gettable, and your own thoughts.

  7. Ariana Says:

    lol, his first 5 innings were that of ace-like stuff. Not sure why people don’t get that pitching prospects have to go through growing pains, both Yankee fans and Yankee personnel would have likely destroyed every pitcher from Price to Verlander if those kids had to meet ace mlb standards.

    I agree that you have to let guys work through sometimes though. A reason why pitching specs can’t pitch in the stretch or while in trouble in the majors… Your take, Mike?

  8. thunderbaseball Says:

    I see all of this…I’ll reply later tonight. Not ignoring you guys, I promise. My Twitter feed might have some answers for some of you as well. Real quick…Fb sat 93-94, touched 96.

  9. kinglear Says:

    Thanks, Mike. Def looked like he had his best command of the year, looked excellent until the 6th. What happened with the lead-off there; being too careful? Also should Joseph have made that play on the Fairley infield hit? What was your take on that 6th?

  10. YankeesVine » Blog Archive » Off day notes and links Says:

    […] Graham Stoneburner is healthy and ready to return to the Trenton rotation tomorrow. Even in the prospect world, Stoneburner’s not quite a household name, but he’s one of […]

  11. thunderbaseball Says:


    Now that I have some time and am actually awake, let me tackle some of this.

    I don’t read into Betances coming out that “early” last night. His last start was shortened, and he was getting smacked around in the sixth…but yes, he was cruising through five. I do find it curious that he only lasted 63 pitches, yes…given that these guys usually hit their limit no matter what. But, for as out of hand as that game was getting, I didn’t have an issue with it…but it was still surprising.

    My only wonder would be if the trade deadline timeline had anything to do with it…there’s obviously a lot of interest in Betances right now. Newman and Nardi both here last night as well. Do you try to protect him and, in essence, yourself by not letting him get hit around?

  12. kinglear Says:

    Thanks for all the leg work and the “fatal” AB, Mike.Much appreciated.

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