Game 106: Pre-Game Notes (Post-Game Recap Edition)

8:00 PM — Tarp on, tarp off, tarp on…such is life here in Trenton.

6:25 PM — Here’s the at-bat that had Betances so frustrated last night…

6:05 PM — Steve Garrison isn’t in Trenton…yet.  Tony Franklin isn’t sure, but thinks that Garrison would likely return to the rotation upon his arrival.  I disagree, for what it’s worth.  The Thunder have a full rotation and if you’re going to use Garrison as a reliever in the big leagues, why not use him that way here as well.  It isn’t like you’re breaking up a line of success he was having here…Garrison struggled to an ERA over six as a starter.

DeAngelo Mack, while active, is not playing for the second day in a row. 

Ryan Baker, as expected, was placed on the DL to make room for Graham Stoneburner.  Stoneburner expects to throw his normal amount of pitches this evening.

Also, I spoke to Kei Igawa to get his reaction on the passing of Hideki Irabu…stay tuned.

4:40 PM — Lineups…


Peguero, RF
Stromsmoe, 2B
Kieschnick, LF
Dominguez, 3B
Hodges, 1B
Monell, C
Perez, CF
Schoop, SS
Fairley, DH

Surkamp, P


Kruml, CF
Joseph, 2B
Romine, C
Lyerly, 1B
Mesa, RF
Almonte, LF
Pirela, SS
Sublett, DH
Maruszak, 3B

Stoneburner, P

4:15 PM — Also, just to do some housekeeping…Grant Duff will miss the rest of the season due to a shoulder issue.  I initially just said he’d miss the rest of the year yesterday.

4:05 PM — Scott Stanchak, reporting from Yankee Stadium for the Democrat today, reports that Joe Girardi said Steve Garrison is coming back to Trenton.

4:00 PM — (PR) The stars and stripes jersey that the Thunder wore on July 3 has had its share of controversy. Both Yahoo Sports and the New York Daily News called it the ugliest jersey in sports, Brian Cashman joked about it to Yankees players and Derek Jeter said he was uncomfortable wearing it.  We actually thought they were pretty cool and fitting for our Independence Day game, but hey, you can’t please everyone. 

The jerseys worn on the field that day by the Trenton Thunder players are up for auction on the team’s new auction website.  Bidding starts at 10:00 am on Friday, July 29 and runs until August 8 at 11:59pm.  Whether you were at the stadium for this record-setting game or not, don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of Trenton Thunder history!


3:50 PM — This is the “here’s what Dellin Betances and Tony Franklin said last night” version of the notes since I passed out when I got home. 


“(Sixth inning) I got ahead of the leadoff guy, 0-2, and just made a mistake.  I felt like I wasn’t putting guys away with two strikes.  I just made a mistake, I left a curveball right there for him to hit.  After that, changeup…after that, they just started finding holes.  There was just nothing I could have done there.”

“I felt really good.  That was probably the best, command-wise, I’ve felt.  I felt like I was getting my pitches down for the most part, and I was in a low pitch count.  I didn’t feel tired or anything, I felt good.  It’s just I was more pissed that the pitches I made led to extra hits and stuff like that.”

“I just try, as of lately, to work on throwing first pitch strikes and just try to get early contact and just work from there.  I did have chances where I struck out guys with two strikes, but I still got the out.  If you have 0-2, you want to put them away.”

“I feel like I’ve pitched better out of the stretch.  It was just one of those things where it was one bad inning, that was pretty much the whole outing.  It’s just frustrating more than anything.”

“It would have been nice to get myself out of that.  But Venditte came in and did a great job.  I guess at that point, skip just felt like it was time to bring somebody in.  They had five hits in a row.  Honestly, I’m more frustrated with that leadoff guy.  That’s something I can’t control.”


“When you make mistakes in the game, they’re going to come back on you.  We don’t score that many runs where we can afford to walk guys, have misplays, make an error and have an opportunity to make a couple of outs and not get them.  That’s not the type of team that we are.  It all kind of unraveled.  Dellin was certainly cruising, he was pitching really, really well.  Then the sixth inning happened.”

“He was pretty doggone good tonight as well.  He’s capable, it’s a matter of more consistency.  When he finds it, he’s going to be a heck of a major leaguer.”

“There’s a plan for these kids.  It just doesn’t make sense for him to stay in there and throw another 60 pitches or another 40 pitches and go to 100.  If we were trying to build him up to 100, I’d see it.  But it was time to get him.  He was a little frustrated, I’m sure.  It’s better to kind of get him out of there earlier than it is later.”

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

5 Responses to “Game 106: Pre-Game Notes (Post-Game Recap Edition)”

  1. ForeverTitans Says:

    Waiting in line for my bobblehead and rocking my Titans Kelly Cup Champs shirt. Hopefully the weather holds off!

  2. ForeverTitans Says:

    Any shot they’re playing?

  3. thunderbaseball Says:

    Not on time, certainly…

  4. ForeverTitans Says:

    I’d call you captain obvious but…

  5. Dealin Dellin Says:


    The Dellin/Franklin stuff is much appreciated. You are a real treasure. Thanks for the Stoneburner video as well. Awesome as always.

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