Game 109: Pre-Game Notes

6:05 PM — Joseph is at the doctor’s office getting one of his eyes looked at.  According to manager Tony Franklin, he may have a stye on his eye…which is a minor issue.  He was originally in the lineup.

Ryan Flannery (left) sent down to Tampa, Brad Halsey called up from Tampa.  Halsey never left, it was a paper move.

6:00 PM — Lineups…


Henry CF
Copeland LF
Diaz SS
Chen DH
Padron 1B
Hernandez C
Bellows 3B
Arnal 2B
Webb RF

Adams P


Kruml LF
Sublett DH
Romine C
Lyerly 1B
Mesa CF
Almonte RF
Pirela 2B
Mujica SS
Maruszak 3B

Betances P

3:35 PM — The new Trenton Thunder rotation is as follows: Betances, Stoneburner, Hall, Garrison, Heyer.  Which means Betances and not Cory Arbiso pitches tonight. 

There is no word on any roster move to get them back up to the full compliment of 24 players…the team currently sits at 23 after the loss of Manny Banuelos.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


8 Responses to “Game 109: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. Art Vandelay Says:

    Hey Mike,
    I heard the real reason the voters of Nassau County voted down the Islanders Coliseum was they didn’t want to be subjected to another Atlantic League Baseball team on Long Island. Only New Jersey is lucky enough to still have two.

  2. Dealin Dellin Says:

    That stinks. I can’t make it tonight, had planned to go tomorrow to see Betances.

    Needless to say, I’ll be checking in here for velocity, pitch count, pitch variety, video, etc. After that 44 pitches over five IP before that sixth, I’ll be anxious to see if he can proceed with that control/command. If so, how long before he follows youn Manuel?

    As always, thanks in advance.

  3. Dealin Dellin Says:

    How’s he look?

  4. thunderbaseball Says:

    You’re sooooooo much better following me on Twitter for velo’s and stuff. Touching 98. But 90 pitches through four. Using a lot of fastballs.

  5. Dealin Dellin Says:

    yea I don’t have access to twitter right now. If I had my regular setup, I’d be watching him. I see he’s out, though, after four. Was he even using all his pitches? thanks.

  6. Dealin Dellin Says:

    Hope they’re not taking away his 2ndary stuff to prepare for BP role…

  7. thunderbaseball Says:

    Probably 80% fastballs…

  8. Dealin Dellin Says:

    thanks, just saw your twitter comments. I thought he was on board to pitch to contact. Was hoping to see him pick up where he left off last outing.

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