Game 109: Post-Game Notes

— Well, you won’t read anything from me that you haven’t read before, because you didn’t see anything from Dellin Betances tonight that you hadn’t seen before.  He showed good stuff, threw too many pitches, walked a few guys, struck out a few guys, and was out of the game way too early.  See also: Banuelos, Manny.

Betances has now thrown just 93 1/3 innings in 19 starts, which averages out to less than five innings per outing, just like Banuelos.  He lasted just four innings tonight, allowing three runs on four walks and six hits.  He struck out five.  He threw 90 pitches, 53  for strikes.

“Again, it’s the growing process,” said Thunder manager Tony Franklin.

“I have to keep going back to what I say all the time, this is why we have various levels of baseball…sometimes, you don’t always get the quick results that you’re looking for, but you’re optimistic about the results and you know they’re going to come sooner rather than later.  It’s going to have to come before he’s at the major league level, but this is what the minor leagues are about: developing.”

The 23-year-old righty, who was not available to speak to reporters in the clubhouse after the game, had his pitch count/strikes thrown numbers break down like this over the four innings he pitched: 20/14, 21/12, 21/12, 28/15.

His velocity was the highest I’ve seen it all season.  He was sitting at 95-96, and reached back for 98 a few times late in counts.  In terms of that and that alone, he was the most impressive he’s been all season.  However, I’d love to see the numbers that break down what kinds of pitches he threw…he seemed like he was relying heavily on the fastball, maybe 80 percent of his pitches were over 90.  He can dot that curveball on the corner most of the time, I’d like to see him use that more often.

— Not really a great night for the Thunder all across the board.  They lost, 3-2…and may have lost Ray Kruml for an extended period of time as well.  Kruml fouled a ball off the top of his right foot late in the game and was having X-Rays done on it afterwards.  I’d assume more will be known tomorrow.

Corban Joseph, meanwhile, was apparently OK to pinch hit — as he did in the ninth inning — after getting a possible stye on one of his eyes looked at by a doctor before the game.

Jose Gil also apparently injured his left big toe a game ago and was unavailable to play.

Trenton was 10-19 in July…none of that will help August.

— The lone bright spot, perhaps, was the bullpen.  Cory Arbiso, Pat Venditte and Chase Whitley combined for five innings of shutout ball.  Arbiso and Whitley each allowed a hit in their two frames of work.

— Also, as I mentioned on Twitter…I spoke to a scout today about a few key guys on the team.  I’ll have a post sharing his thoughts soon…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


5 Responses to “Game 109: Post-Game Notes”

  1. Peter Lacock Says:

    Tough loss(es).
    Hopefully Kruml’s foot is not serious.

    Velocity is the least important, by far, aspect of pitching. Betances only had a good strike ratio in the 1st inning. After that it just wasn’t good enough. He needs to fix that. 98 or whatever was useless tonight.

  2. kinglear Says:

    Thanks for all this, Mike. Looking forward to hearing what Betances has to say. Also can you ask him about pitch selection a la your mention that he is throwing mostly FB’s, and whether that is a result of them having him work on FB command?

  3. kinglear Says:

    Oh, and any video of Betances from the game?

  4. Ashmore Says:

    I have video of a long at-bat (a double) that I have but didn’t post. So it exists, it’s just uploading it.

  5. kinglear Says:


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