Newman: Hopeful Romine Is Back In “About A Week”

I just received an e-mail reply from Mark Newman in regards to Austin Romine.

The Yankees are hoping that Romine, who has been on the disabled list since Thursday with back discomfort, can return in “about a week.”

Newman’s assessment was also followed by a “we think” that trailed off…so this doesn’t seem to be set in stone by any means — as is the case for an injury, but especially one to the back — but it would seem that any fears of Romine missing the remainder of the season are unwarranted.

With Buster Olney and many other prominent writers reporting that the promotion of Jesus Montero from Scranton is “imminent” — as Olney put it this morning — it wouldn’t be out of the realm of the possibility for him to head directly to Triple-A upon his return.

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2 Responses to “Newman: Hopeful Romine Is Back In “About A Week””

  1. Dealin Dellin Says:

    Girardi’s comments regarding Montero having to learn the staff late in the day are discouraging. If the Yankees actually promote Jesus, I would regard it as a happy surprise, but their comments seem to suggest otherwise. Still not sure why he can’t DH and BUC. Unless they are just thoroughly insincere about him ever playing here and regard him as trade bait.

    I’m sure it would be welcome for Romine to get a bump up, but the Yankees are impenetrably weird on Montero, who may spend the rest of the year at AAA. Hope that isn’t the case.

  2. Gamel keeps hitting in Staten Island loss | River Avenue Blues Says:

    […] Mark Newman said there’s a chance Austin Romine will return from his back strain in “about a week,” but it’s hardly set in stone. Angelo Gumbs, meanwhile, is away from Short Season […]

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