Romine, Kruml Expected Back Soon

Trenton Thunder top catching prospect Austin Romine (back) and speedy outfielder Ray Kruml (foot) are both expected to re-join the team as early as the Harrisburg series, which starts on Friday.

Both players spoke about their respective injuries today, with Kruml seeming like more of a sure thing to return just after his seven days on the disabled list are up on Thursday.

“It’s going real well.  The soreness is gone and I did practice and stuff today, so hopefully I can get back into a game in a couple days,” said Kruml, who fouled a ball off of the base of his right big toe last Wednesday.

“I thought it was something I could walk off (at first), but then I had to run on it a little bit and it didn’t feel too good.  Luckily, skip had somebody ready to play in the outfield for me.  It was real swollen, real bruised up.  I couldn’t tell if it was broken or not, but luckily it was just a bad bruise.”

For Kruml, who leads the team with 34 stolen bases, there are no concerns that this could be a lingering injury that would affect his game-changing speed.

“I was running 100 percent yesterday, so it’s something I feel comfortable with,” he said.

“If I wasn’t feeling comfortable to go out there and give 100 percent, I wouldn’t go out there.  I’m not really concerned about it, and I’m just excited to get back out on the field either Thursday or Friday.”

As for Romine, his injury — which was first reported by Josh Norris to be discomfort in several discs in his back — is a bit more difficult to delve into.  He says there wasn’t any specific play or action that led to it.  But, well…it wasn’t an injury that would be likely to happen in the big leagues.

“My back was tight after the long bus ride after the 7 o’clock game in Akron,” Romine said.

“We had to drive and get back really early in the morning, and I fell asleep with my legs up in a bad position.  I got up and my back was a little sore, and I thought it was just regular soreness.  I usually have soreness at this time of the year.  I played through it and woke up in the morning with a little pinch in my back, so I let them know.  It stayed sore for a little while, so they thought that sitting on the bus for four hours and going to Altoona would probably be a bad thing with the back thing going, so I stayed back and got treatment done.”

Romine has been receiving treatment ever since the injury, and was spotted on the training table before the game as well.  He told me his back felt “really good” today and the organization is just taking precautions at this point.  Romine is hopeful to return during the Harrisburg series, but “for sure” by the time the team visits Erie, which is a series that begins on August 16. 

He is slated to hit and throw tomorrow, but says he won’t yet partake in a full day of baseball activities just yet.

“Probably not tomorrow, it’ll be limited,” he said.

“Whatever (trainer) Tim (Lentych) says goes.  I trust the guy a lot, he’s got me back playing a lot of times over the past two years.  So whatever he tells me to do.”

Romine went on the disabled list August 5th, and would be eligible to return on Friday.

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