Game 136: Pre-Game Notes

3:35 PM — Raul Valdes called up to the big leagues.  Ryan Pope DFA’d.  Brad Halsey and Ryan Baker activated.

2:40 PM — Coming at you for possibly the last time from the Mike Ashmore’s Career Memorial Press Box here at Waterfront Park…no news on any call-ups just yet, but the lineup has got all of the key position player suspects in it.


Krum, CF
Joseph, 2B
Romine, DH
Lyerly, 1B
Mesa, RF
Sublett, LF
Pirela, SS
Gil, C
Maruszak, 3B

Hall, P


Crabbe, 2B
Gose, CF
Sierra, RF
d’Arnaud, C
McDade, 1B
Gomes, DH
Perales, LF
Sobolewski, 3B
Diaz, SS

McGowan, P

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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