Romine Ready “Just In Case”

Former Trenton Thunder catcher Austin Romine

BRONX, N.Y. — Austin Romine went from not even being on the 40-man big league roster in early September to earning a surprise call-up and legitimate consideration for the postseason roster.  But he didn’t make it, with Jesus Montero being kept around and Jorge Posada being used as a designated hitter and likely emergency third catcher.

Romine says that Yankees manager Joe Girardi informed him personally that he wouldn’t be on the roster, but also that he should stay around just in case…

“They’re going to keep me around, and I’m going to do everything; hit, catch bullpens, workout just like if I was playing,” Romine said.  “They said if Russell gets hurt, you’re going to be in there.”

Romine hit just .158 in his only 19 big league at-bats on the season, but impressed many with his defensive prowess, which is what earned him postseason roster consideration in the first place.  Considering the quick timeline of events that even got him to the big leagues, he was able to handle not making the ALDS roster pretty well.

“I wasn’t disappointed,” he said.  “I’m thankful for every chance they’ve given me here now.  It wasn’t really disappointing.”

There is still, however, much that can be learned just by watching, says the 22-year-old catcher. 

“You can learn everything by watching,” he said.

“You can watch how Russ calls the game, how the pitchers work.  I’m going to be catching bullpens, so I’m going to see how the guys are throwing.  I just need to soak it all in, just in case.”

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