POLL: What Story Should Be Next?


4 Responses to “POLL: What Story Should Be Next?”

  1. mbn Says:

    Would love to see articles of the kids new to the system. Dante is a great one to start with.

  2. yanksince57 Says:

    so i guess it’s out with the old, in with the new 🙂 mike, when you have a chance, i would love to see your complete take on the possible 2012 thunder roster (i.e. the last year of baseball before the mayan end of days!).

  3. thunderbaseball Says:

    I usually hate doing stuff like that, just because people put way too much stock in it and I’m inevitably wrong. I think it’s way, way, way too early for something like that.

    Even if you look at the spring training work groups from year’s past…80% of those guys don’t end up with the team. You can project, but unless you’re completely right, it makes you look bad. And I can make myself look pleeeeeeeeeenty bad on my own haha.

  4. yanksince57 Says:

    damn, i thought i had baited you enough 🙂 people put stock in what you say because they respect your inside info, i.e. you get to chat with the yankees braintrust on a regular basis. we peons, i mean fans, don’t 😦 anyway, i’ve never been troubled by fear of looking bad, so i’ll present mine 4 days after the ws ends.

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