Media Day: Phelps Talks Pitching

Left-hander Shaeffer Hall will be the Thunder's Opening Day starter

A few members of the media were able to catch up with Trenton Thunder pitching coach Tommy Phelps this afternoon, and as always, he had some interesting things to say…

On new arms: “We’ve got some good, young arms coming in.  Some of them, I haven’t seen a whole lot, so it’ll be fun to watch them pitch and see them in their roles.”

On Brett Marshall: “Marshall has been very good.  He’s got some very good secondary pitches, and he moves his fastball around.  He’s got a little saavy-ness to him, he’s pretty good.  Marshall has a good four-seam, and a two-seam fastball that’s been known to touch 95, 96.  He’s got a good slider, he’s tightened it up.  And a good changeup.  I mean a really, really good changeup.  He can use any of those pitches and throw them in any counts.  It’ll be fun to see him pitch against these older hitters.” 

On the closer situation: “You’ve got your multiple-inning guys; Whitley, Claiborne, those guys will have a tendency to be at the end of the game.  Pope will come into some games there.  Arbiso’s probably going to be like he’s been in the past, the number nine guy, the spot starter/long guy.  We’ve got a new guy, (Lee) Hyde, I’ve seen him pitch one inning.  We’ll see where he fits in, he’s our only lefty in the bullpen.”

On Shaeffer Hall: “One of the things we try to stress with our starters is when we’re on the mound, you want your position players and everyone to feel like we’ve got a chance to win today.  So and so is pitching, and he throws strikes and he attacks, he works fast.  ‘Shaeff’ has that mentality, and he is very prepared every game before he goes out.  That’s a big plus for him, his makeup.” 

On Kelvin Perez: “Kelvin Perez has got a really good arm with really good stuff.  We’ll see what he’s got.  I haven’t really seen him pitch very much.  I saw him pitch four years ago down in extended when I was down there, and he’s good a really good breaking ball.  He’s just starting to throw a slider.  We’ll see where his command and his pitchability is, but stuff-wise, he’s got plenty of stuff.”

On Cory Arbiso’s new curveball: “He’s had the curveball coming two years ago, and he used it a little bit last year.  It’s just another pitch to add in there early in the count and maybe get a chase late in the count.  But his big secondary is his changeup, and his slider is next to follow after that.”

On pitchers not yet with Trenton who impressed him in camp: “There’s a few guys.  There was a Cuban guy we signed, (Rigoberto) Arrebato, a little lefthander that was pretty good down there.  A lot of their starters; Turley…they’ve got a bunch of good, young pitchers coming up.  Pinder, who was impressive.  Montgomery.  A lot of those guys down there had impressive stuff.  A lot of them will be up here sometime, hopefully.”

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT // Twitter: Mashmore98


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