Game 2: Pre-Game Notes

6:15 PM — No New Hampshire stuff for me today, so I’ll have much more stuff for you.  In-game updates will be on Twitter from here on out, I think, just like last season.  Not really worth updating it multiple places if nobody comments here anyway.

6:00 PM — Craig Heyer is not physically here just yet, but has been re-added to the roster and will start Tuesday.  Mitch Abeita has been released from the organization.  He was still in the clubhouse before the game.

“I can tell you from personal experience that you feel bad,” said Thunder manager Tony Franklin.

“I was released the same way back in 1976, and it hurts.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s two or three days in.  I think I was a week in.  It’s difficult for me to do it, and it’s difficult for me to tell the players.”

Asked Franklin about if putting Cody Johnson in the 7 hole tonight might take the pressure off him to begin with…

“I didn’t look at it like that when I was making the lineup,” he said.  “I was looking at it like Brewer hit in that position last night, and we just made a couple changes tonight.  The guys that got in there tonight assume the same batting slots that Brewer and Gil had last night.”

Also asked him if he was concerned that a younger player like Zoilo Almonte might take a bad first game (0-for-4, 4 K’s) too hard…

“I’m not worried,” he said.  “I do think about it, because I’m sure they think about it.  Nobody wants to play a bad game whether it be the first night or two weeks into the season, a bad game is a bad game.  He’s a young guy, and I think that’s the one thing maybe I do worry about, that hopefully this doesn’t affect him.  I hope he’s able to bounce right back and put a pretty good game together.”

2:45 PM — Thunder lineup: Almonte LF, Mustelier 3B, Adams 2B, Z. Almonte RF, Lyerly 1B, Mesa CF, Johnson DH, Molina C, Ibarra SS, Stoneburner P

Fisher Cats lineup: Howard DH, Diaz 2B, Jimenez C, Glenn RF, McDade 1B, Van Kirk LF, Sobolewski 3B, Goins SS, Jackson CF, Jenkins P

So, Brewer and Gil are out today, and Johnson and Molina are in.

2:40 PM — Video from yesterday…

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