Poker And Baseball: A Perfect Partnership

The game of baseball is remarkably deceptive in how it looks like a somewhat boring game until you hear the massive crack of a well hit ball and watch as it sails over the fence. Fans erupt into cheers as their favorite player trots around the bases. Fans of another game are also in eager anticipation of an upcoming major event. Poker fans are in eager anticipation of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

How is poker and baseball similar you ask? At first glance, poker looks like a very dull game. A bunch of men and women sitting around a table with the majority of players folding the majority of hands. Just when you are about lulled to sleep, there is a raise followed by a re-raise. Fans perk up as there look like there may be action in this pot. The flop is dealt, also known as the three community cards in the center of the table, and the two opponents begin their action. A bet is followed by a raise, and the original bettor moves all-in for all his chips and his tournament life and is called.

Now fans and railbirds are all on their feet and craning their necks to see what the hands are. Depending on what player they are there rooting foot, fans may start screaming out for their player’s hand to hold, or they may start screaming out the card that the player needs to win the hand. The fourth community card comes, and the player behind did not catch his card. The same cheers continue, but this time even louder as the player who is behind has just one card left to keep him alive in the tournament or he is eliminated.

The river card comes and boom, the player hits his needed card to win the hand. Fans begin cheering and high fiving and the winning players runs over to his buddy in the stands to celebrate much like a baseball player does in the dugout after hitting a big home run. The winning player lives to play long and keeps alive his dream of winning the event.

As you can see, poker and baseball both can be deceptive games in the terms of excitement. That is one reason why and many other sites have entire teams to cover the WSOP each summer. It has all the excitement of a major sports event, and is even covered by ESPN. If you have never checked out the World Series of Poker and live near Las Vegas, it is definitely something you should at least check out as a fan. For those that don’t live near Vegas, check out the event on ESPN. You can then see for yourself the similarities between baseball and poker.


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