Game 16: Pre-Game Notes

6:05 PM — Well, that got eventful.

First and foremost, the AP reports that Andy Pettitte is likely scheduled to make his next start with Trenton.  That would likely be April 25 in Trenton.  Tony Franklin or Nardi Contreras would not confirm this.

Speaking of Contreras, Josh Norris and I spoke with him for about 20 minutes before the game.  Joined by John Nalbone and David Fenster this time, we also chatted with Christian Garcia before the game as well.  So there’s a lot to look forward to there.

Zoilo Almonte is on the DL with a hamstring issue.  Yadil Mujica is here. 

3:45 PM — Not a whole lot going on here, yet…

Thunder lineup: A. Almonte 9, Mustelier 7, Mesa 8, Johnson 0, Murton 3, Mahoney 4, Maruszak 5, Farnham 2, Ibarra 6, Heyer 1.

Senators lineup: Perez CF, Kobernus 2B, Valdez LF, Pahuta 1B, Hood DH, Rahl RF, Leon C, King 3B, McConnell SS, Gilliam P

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


5 Responses to “Game 16: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. louie Says:

    Mr.Ashmore any news about Andy Pettitte pitching in Trenton next week.I heard he may not make his start for Tampa tonight.Could you please let us know of any new information.Keep up the good work.

  2. thunderbaseball Says:

    Pettitte is, via the AP, scheduled to be here for his next start.

  3. kinglear Says:

    Any news on Pineda??? 🙂

  4. yanksince57 Says:

    any estimates on when the dozen thunder injured start arriving?

  5. thunderbaseball Says:

    Nothing yet on either account.

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