Pettitte Probable For Wednesday

Andy Pettitte speaks to reporters after his second rehab start with the Trenton Thunder in Altoona in 2010

The Associated Press is reporting that Andy Pettitte will likely pitch for the Trenton Thunder, with the most likely scenario being him starting at Waterfront Park on Wednesday night.

Neither Thunder manager Tony Franklin nor Yankees minor league pitching coordinator Nardi Contreras, who was in Trenton on Friday, would confirm the move.

“No one has told me,” Franklin said.  “No one from Tampa has said that he’s going to pitch here.  Nardi is our pitching coordinator, and he hs not told me anything.  I have not gotten a call from Mark Newman, nor Brian Cashman, nor Joe Girardi.  So, I don’t know if he is (coming here).”

I asked Franklin if he ever thought he’d again be sitting in his office, answering questions about whether Pettitte was coming to Trenton, as he did during the 2010 Eastern League postseason.

“I never would have thought that, no,” he said. 

“But, I’m glad for Andy.  Apparently, he felt like there was something left to do.  Apparently, he felt like he could pitch again.  That’s a good thing.  If he’s healthy, I think he can help.  I don’t think he’d do it if he didn’t think he could help, and I don’t think the Yankees would give him an opportunity if they didn’t think he could help.”

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