Game 18: Pre-Game Notes (Andy Pettitte Start)

5:50 PM — Pettitte will go around 80 pitches, according to Tony Franklin.  Jeff Farnham, who is catching Pettitte today, also caught him in two spring training sim games.

Josh Romanski’s blister is legit.  He’s missing a small chunk of skin by his fingernail on the top of his left middle finger.

4:45 PM — Erie lineups: Rockett RF, Douglas 2B, Romero SS, Lennerton 1B, Bishop LF, Brantly DH, Pounds 3B, Murrian C, Johnson CF, Segovia P

2:45 PM — Been here for an hour now, just catching up on some other writing so I can be fully focused on the Andy Pettitte outing later tonight.

Trenton’s lineup looks like this: A. Almonte RF, Ibarra SS, Mustelier LF, Johnson DH, Mesa CF, Murton 1B, Mahoney 2B, Farnham C, Maruszak 3B, Pettitte P

That pitcher, obviously just some 39-year-old guy hanging on in Double-A (sarcasm alert) is slated to go around 80-85 pitches tonight.  Brian Cashman is expected to be here to see him do it, as are around 35-40 members of the media and a sellout crowd.

I’m on Trentonian duty tonight, but I’ll post whatever I can here…but primarily on Twitter at mashmore98

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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