Game 18: Post-Game Notes (Pettitte Mania)

— I will have videos from the Brian Cashman and Andy Pettitte pressers posted whenever YouTube will cooperate. My story in the Trentonian should have a lot of what you’re looking for, though.

— Andy Pettitte was not as bad as the line would indicate. Nowhere close, really. The 39-year-old lefty picked up his first minor league loss since 1994 on Wednesday night, allowing four runs (three earned) through 5+ innings of work. He walked one and gave up seven hits, but nothing was really hit too hard. He also struck out three, and when his command was there, it was really there, as he was able to really paint the corner in his first inning strikeout of Jordan Lennerton.

He retired nine batters in a row at one point, and while I’d be hard pressed to profess him as being big league-ready, he didn’t seem as far off as it may have seemed.

All in all, 35 of his 81 pitches were over 86 MPH, including two that hit 88 MPH.

His inning-by-inning breakdown of pitches/strikes looks like this:

1: 16/11
2: 15/9
3: 15/11
4: 15/11
5: 17/15
6: 3/2

So that’s a 72.84% strike percentage. Not bad. Jeff Farnham caught Pettitte in two sim games in spring training, and thought his stuff looked better today than it did then. As it should…

“You get some nerves going when you play in front of people, so everything’s going to be a little bit more crisp,” he said. “There’s going to be a little more giddy-up on it. He looked good.”

The crowd tonight was the tenth-largest in Waterfront Park history — 8,146 — eclipsing one of the Shane Victorino/Brad Lidge rehab games to sneak into the Top 10.

— Pettitte used MLB balls during his outing…he purchased the team a spread from Outback, and received many “thank you’s” inside the clubhouse after the game.

— Even in speaking with Tony Franklin after the game, there was no plan in place for Pettitte’s next start. Were he to stay with Trenton, he would pitch five days from now in Portland, Maine. While Cashman seemed to imply Pettitte wouldn’t pitch on the road, Franklin suggested Pettitte might enjoy a trip, despite the media attention.

— Rob Lyerly is going back to North Carolina for a second opinion on his shoulder. He was saying his goodbyes to teammates after the game, and surgery seems to be a very real option.

— There was some speculation that Josh Romanski’s blister was little more than BS, with this being his turn in the rotation, but there’s two things wrong with that. One: They didn’t need to make a move to get Pettitte on the roster and, most importantly, Two: Romanski really does have a blister.

The friendly lefty showed me a small chunk of skin missing from the top of his left middle finger, right by the top of his fingernail.

“It was a lot worse a couple days ago, but it’s getting better,” he said. “It shouldn’t be a big deal moving forward. I feel like I’ll be ready in a few days and I’ll be able to hop back in there and keep throwing.”

Romanski told us that he had an issue last season with his ring finger in Tampa last season, and he only missed a few days.

— Hard as it may be to believe, there was an actual baseball game played today. And the Thunder did not come close to winning it, dropping to 9-9 on the year after a 10-4 loss to Erie.

“We didn’t do some things well enough to keep the score where it was,” said Franklin of his team being down 4-0 early and subsequently getting blown out.

“We missed some plays and we made some poor decisions, and before you know it, the game was out of hand. We can’t afford to do that.”

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2 Responses to “Game 18: Post-Game Notes (Pettitte Mania)”

  1. MBN Says:

    Is it safe to say that at this point, Andy’s comand is not quite there yet?

  2. Mash Says:

    Sure, but it’s not far off at all. 81/59 isn’t bad at all. Just needs to refine it a bit.

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