Game 26: Pre-Game Notes (Joseph Added)

6:25 PM — Joseph is not physically here yet, that’s why he isn’t playing. 

Injury updates…I spoke to David Adams in the clubhouse before the game, and he told me he’s likely headed to Tampa on Sunday to start playing in some rehab games on Monday.  No word on if he’s going to extended spring or to actually play for High-A Tampa.

Zoilo Almonte is day-to-day and Josh Romanski’s blister hasn’t completely healed yet, but looks much better from the last time I saw it.  Jose Pirela’s return seems like it’ll be a little bit longer, however…he’s apparently following MiLB protocol for head injuries.  Still haven’t heard the “c” word used yet, and you won’t…they’re very hesitant to use concussion, although that’s all but certainly what he’s got.

4:25 PM — Corban Joseph is here and has been officially added to the roster from Short Season A Staten Island.  Joseph was on the Empire State DL all season, so not sure why that’s how it officially went down, but honestly…who cares?  Anyway, he isn’t in the lineup.

Who is?  Well…

THUNDER: A. Almonte RF, Brewer LF, Mustelier 3B, Johnson DH, Mesa CF, Murton 1B, Mahoney 2B, Gil C, Maruszak SS, Marshall P

FISHER CATS: Goins 2B, Jimenez C, McDade 1B, Sobolewski 3B, Tolisano LF, Van Kirk RF, Clemens DH, Jackson CF, Diaz SS, Jenkins P

4:15 PM — Nothing going on at all here.  It’s a show and go for the Thunder, which means that they did not take and are not going to take batting practice before the game.  Lineups and all that when I get them.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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