Game 31: Post-Game Notes

— Since the dreaded WordPress Monster evidently ate the first version of these notes I did last night, this version is going to be pretty brief…

Some quotes on Brett Marshall’s outing (85/52; 6 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 4 K) last night from both Tony Franklin and Marshall himself…


“Marshall pitched a heck of a game, which he’s capable of doing…It’s a long season, nothing’s wrong.  He was cruising, but it was an opportunity to get the other guys in there.  The game was pretty much in hand…but it was an opportunity to get some work for Perez, Dubee and Flannery.  But he probably could have gone (further).  But there’s no need to do it right now.”

“I think he’s a pretty composed pitcher.  He was very good tonight.  He’s got a very slow heartbeat when he’s out there on the mound, and I think that’s one of the attributes that most good pitchers and most good hitters have.  Their heartbeat is slow, they see the total picture and the game slows down for them.  I’m pretty impressed by the way he handles himself on the mound.  It’s easy to see the stuff, the stuff is great.  That’s what most fans see and that’s what you guys see in the press box, but the composure that the guy has out there…like after a bad inning, how he goes out there and collects himself and gets back on track, he does it pretty well.”

“His changeup is tremendous, it’s a heck of a pitch.  It’s got so much depth in it, it looks like a curveball.  What makes it such a good pitch is that is arm slot is the same, and his arm speed is the same on the pitch as his fastball.  He gets a lot of swings and misses on his fastball.  It’s always pretty much down in the strike zone.”

“He comes close to Ian Kennedy for me.  Ian could take a ball and throw it exactly where he wanted it.  I think Marshall pitches in as well as anyone I’ve seen for a young kid.  I think he understands the importance of pitching in on hitters.  I think a couple balls got away from him tonight, but I think for the most part he’s in on guys and he knows he can get in there.  His changeup reminds me quite a bit of Edwar Ramirez’s.  Not as good.  It’s not a power change was Edwar’s was, but it’s got the makings with some pretty good depth there.  He reminds me of those guys, I didn’t say he was as good as those guys.” 


“I feel like there’s still some things I need to work on, some minor tweaks.  But overall, tonight I felt really good.  I felt like I was mixing (my pitches) pretty well.  The two seamer was working really well tonight.”

“It’s up there (with my best games this season).  I felt like my best game was probably the one where I went 7 2/3 in Erie.  I felt like it was similar to that.  I want to try to get back to that start, I felt like I wasn’t rushing then.  Tonight, I rushed a little bit in the fourth and fifth inning.”

“So far, I feel like my command has been pretty good.  I feel like I was commanding the ball in and out tonight.  You’ve got to mix it up.”

“I was already at 85 pitches, I wanted to go out for one more and I tried to talk him into it, but he was like, ‘No, just take off.'”

“My changeup is really important to me.  I feel like that’s a pitch I need every game.  If I don’t have it, hopefully my fastball and slider is working, but my changeup is my go to pitch.”

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One Response to “Game 31: Post-Game Notes”

  1. Tom from Phila Says:

    I agree with Tony on pulling him to let some other guys pitch.

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