Game 42: Post-Game Notes (UPDATED)

— First and foremost, Dan Brewer was sent to the hospital after popping out a finger in that nasty collision with Luke Murton late in the game. Brewer, according to Tony Franklin, popped the finger back in and wanted to keep playing. That should earn that kid a lot of respect.

“He’s a pretty tough kid,” Franklin said.  “Brewer dove for the ball, and Murton ran by him and apparently ran right into his hand or his finger.  It was a pretty dangerous play.  You hate to see three guys converging on a ball and then one guy dives head first.” 

Murton was relatively unscathed, with only a pretty good size scrape on the right side of the bridge of his nose to show for it.

“It was a fly ball out into short right field behind first base,” recalled Murton.

“I was going out, we were all going out.  Corban was coming, Brewer was coming, and it was one of those plays where we were all kind of going for it and we hit each other.  We’re all playing hard, and we ran into each other.  The one good thing that happened was he dove and slid like he’s supposed to, and I’m supposed to stay on my feet.”

Murton earned his scrape when his head hit the ground, telling reporters that it was the brim of his cap that dug into his nose.

— Double-A debutee Vidal Nuno (left) probably wasn’t quite as impressive as the line of 4 IP, 2 H, 0 R would show.  He allowed two baserunners in each of his first three innings and ended up walking four Aeros while striking out two.  Two double plays in the first two innings allowed him to escape without any damage, but as a staff, the Thunder walked nine men. 

“We were talking about that in the bullpen, we walked a lot of guys,” said Ryan Flannery, who earned his sixth save of the season without walking a batter.

“We walked a lot of guys, but we held them on base.  That’s the main concern, not letting up the runs.  It comes with the games, you know.”

Franklin felt lucky to escape with a win given the free pass problems.

“You start putting guys on base without even swinging the bats, you’re going to have some problems,” he said.  “It’s going to come back to haunt you.  But yeah, I felt very fortunate tonight that we got away with the walks.  Hopefully, it doesn’t happen too often.”

— It is amazing this team hasn’t completely fallen apart with the injuries its had to endure.  Instead, they’re 23-19 and perhaps dealing with another Dan Brewer DL stint that would leave them with just three healthy outfielders.

“The Yankees do a good job of drafting guys and getting guys in the organization,” Murton said.  “We have had a ton of injuries, and I know guys were down even before I got here.  But like I said, we’ve got a bunch of good ballplayers and guys that have come in and worked hard.  Our pitching has been good, and I feel like we’re really starting to come together as a ball team right now.”

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2 Responses to “Game 42: Post-Game Notes (UPDATED)”

  1. Peter Lacock Says:

    Brewer has been heating up too.
    Maybe he can play with it.

    “that would leave them with just three healthy outfielders”

    It might be too soon to make a permanent move and bring Segedin up,
    bring Mustelier back for a few days until Melquisedec is healthy enough?
    What’s DeAngelo Mack up to these days?

  2. thunderbaseball Says:

    Mack is in Somerset. Struggling.

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