Game 42: Pre-Game Notes

6:10 PM — Thunder lineup: Almonte CF, Joseph 2B, Adams DH, Johnson LF, Murton 1B, Mahoney 3B, Gil C, Brewer RF, Mujica SS, Nuno P

Aeros lineup: Fedroff CF, Rohlinger 2B, Abraham 1B, Chen DH, Copeland LF, Diaz SS, Neal RF, Bellows 3B, Perez C, Espino P

Spent about ten minutes with Adam Miller in the Thunder dugout before the game…I’ll have a story on him later. 

Graham Stoneburner hasn’t started throwing yet, and neither has Josh Romanski. 

According to Tony Franklin, nothing has really changed with the organizational training regiments, and the injuries are just kind of one of those things.

3:00 PM — Taking a break from covering the Eastern Conference Finals to cover the Thunder.  There was a time where I felt like their beat writer.  Now?  Not so much.  Anyhow, nothing to report as of yet.  I exchanged e-mails with Mark Newman this morning, and the injuries to Craig Heyer (elbow) and Cory Arbiso (back) are both expected to be short-term issues, he says.

So, I only have to follow up on Josh Romanski, Graham Stoneburner, Walter Ibarra, Jose Pirela, Zoilo Almonte and Melky Mesa’s injuries and I should be all set!  In all seriousness, injuries have been ridiculous this season. 

Jeff Farnham was paper DL’d to start the year.  Stoneburner went on for the first time on 4/9.  Gustavo Molina, Rob Lyerly and Pirela all went down on 4/12.  David Adams went on the shelf 4/14.  Dan Brewer’s hand sat him down for a while on 4/19. 

Then add in all the aforementioned ones, and this season has been a disaster.  And yet, Trenton sits three games over .500.  Mindblowing and impressive.  They’ve already used six players from Tampa.  It is game number 42.  Wow.

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3 Responses to “Game 42: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. Peter Lacock Says:

    There was a time where I felt like their beat writer.

    Whose beat writer?

  2. Mash Says:

    Trenton. Feels like I haven’t been here forever.

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