Game 74: Post-Game Notes

— If you wish to read about the game, has my story about that.  Has a piece about Jon Meloan on there, too.

— If it’s quotes you’re after, I’ve got you covered…


(Sim game) “I felt good health-wise, there were no arm issues.  There were just some normal mechanical issues, I obviously haven’t been on a mound in a while. I was a little out of whack, I’m pulling off a little bit on the side. The bullpen before my sim game was great, but I don’t know how that correlates to the game.  Sometimes, I’ll have good bullpens before the game, and the game isn’t always good.  In the bullpen, I felt good.  No arm issues, no problems, just mechanically I have to get it tuned up.”

“I think I’m active in about eight days, so hopefully (I’ll be good to go) before then, hopefully about seven days.”

“I know I have to build up some innings somewhere, but I don’t know if it’s going to be in the pen.  All of our starters are doing great right now, so I don’t see how they could bump any one of those guys.  And our bullpen’s doing great too, so maybe I’ll get some mop-up innings at the end, I don’t know what’s going to happen yet…I know I’ll have at least two more bullpens to get tuned up.”

“I don’t expect to get thrown right back in the fire.  Those guys are doing great, so we’ll just see what happens.  I don’t have any innings built up, so I’d hate to just bump somebody from their spot and throw two innings before their scheduled five or six.  It’s a little intimidating to be honest, those guys are throwing great.  If I’m in the bullpen, like I said last year I’ll be happy just to get some innings and get that built back up.  But that’s up to Tony and in Tampa as well.”


“I’m really excited about Wednesday, I think it’s going to go really well.  My bullpens have been going really well the past few days, everything’s feeling good…my body is a little tired, and everything is a little drained and you need a rest. But honestly, I feel good. I hate taking time off, I hate missing starts. It’s something I never like to do, but it was something I needed to do.”

“I’ve been doing the same thing, I haven’t really changed much.  I’ve just been working on little mechanics things, trying to give myself a little break and just go from there.”


“That was a pretty good performance tonight.  Nuno is a fast worker anyway, he works very quickly.  His rhythm is good, his tempo is good.  When he’s on, the game just flies by.  It’s a very efficient game.  I looked up and saw we were in the seventh inning already, and I was like, ‘Wow, great job.'”

“I think rhythm is something that all pitchers try to incorporate into their delivery, and that’s what helps make them efficient.  Rhythm, the mechanics of pitching, being balanced and all those things, and I think it’s a part of being efficient.  It certainly helps arm speed.”


“I’ve just been consistent with all my pitches, but I’ve been feeling good day in and day out.  It’s a nice little run I’ve been going through. Ever since I got signed, the command has had to be there. I’m not a pitcher that blows people away, so I’ve got to use my offspeed stuff. Tonight, pretty much all my pitches were working.”

“I didn’t use my changeup that often (in my last start), and I was around the zone a little bit more.  I left my ball up a little bit more.  They had more chances at bloopers and little rollers.  Keeping the ball down in the zone is the key.”

“Every level is different.  You’ve got to get used to it.  Every level has dangerous hitters.”


“I made some adjustments hitting.  I’ve always saw the ball like this…my new setup is just making my decrease my wrap, which was the problem for me for the last four years.  I never found a way to get rid of it, I thought it was always going to be there.  But we finally found a way to get rid of it.  Now I’m on time for everything and I’m just hitting like I should be hitting.”

“The bat flattened back here (behind his right shoulder), because when I wrap, it was a little bit too far behind my head.  We were so focused on lower half and my legs coming out and stuff, that it wasn’t because of that, it wasn’t my legs, it was that.  That caused everything to be late and for me to be late on everything and have to guess, and now that it’s flattend out a little bit, I’m a lot quicker and shorter to the ball.  I’m able to see the pitch and adjust to it right away instead of guessing pitches or being late on stuff.”

“That was pretty good.  I know Marshall had a real good start one time, and I know Shaeff had a real good start in New Hampshire, but that’s definitely…Nuno’s got good pace.  He’s quick.  Not too much shaking, it’s just boom, boom, boom.  And that’s good for us defensively, but it’s also good for us hitting.  It’s definitely a pleasure playing behind him and hitting.”

“If you’re on defense and you have a big inning, and you’re facing a guy that’s quick, you can almost guarantee the next inning is going to be a quick inning, because people are going to give him a chance to rest if he had the quick inning.  Being that quick, it gets you ready.  There’s no time to think about your previous at-bat, there’s no time to think about the previous pitch or if you made an error to think about that.  It’s just boom, boom, boom.  That’s the way you should be playing no matter what, even if it’s a slow pitcher pitching.”

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