Game 79: Pre-Game Notes

5:30 PM — WAY behind today…combination of laptop and human error.  Anyway, Melky Mesa has been named to the All-Star team…Cody Johnson, Abe Almonte and Kevin Mahoney all will be unable to play due to injury.

Craig Heyer is active today and expected to throw an inning…

Brett Marshall?  Excited to be an All-Star.  I’ll tell you what he said later tonight…

4:00 PM —
Thunder lineup:

Pirela 4, Maruszak 5, Z Almonte 9, Mesa 8, Murton 3, Gil 2, Sublett 7, Higashioka DH, Mujica 6, Betances P

Sea Dogs lineup:

Bradley 8, Hazelbaker DH, Brentz 9, Smith 5, Spring 2, Hissey 7, Gibson 6, Hedman 3, Dent 4, Hernandez P


3 Responses to “Game 79: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Go Dellin!

  2. louie Says:

    Dellin didn’t pitch bad today,still gotta get them walks down.He will get to pitch thursday at home.Mr.Ashmore any moves coming for Almonte going on the dl.

  3. louie Says:

    Looks like Montgomery can’t get here quick enough,this bullpen needs help.

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