Game 85: Post-Game Notes (Updated)

— It seemed the only positives to come out of Thursday night’s 7-1 loss were on the reporter side of things. Dellin Betances endured a rough fifth inning, and Thunder manager Tony Franklin saw his team lose its second straight game with a revamped roster that features three reinforcements from Tampa.

But both had a lot to say afterwards, which can certainly fill a notebook with ease…


“I feel a lot better compared to where I was like three, four, five starts ago. What I was doing in Scranton, I mean I was pretty much flying open every pitch, and here when I do, I’m able to make an adjustment. I felt real good in my last start, felt good this start. I felt like I was in a groove, and I got in a little jam and left a couple pitches up. They found some holes. I was happy with my start, I was just a little pissed off that inning got carried away a little bit.”

“I feel good, it’s been a little mental, mostly. I just feel like it’s a matter of repeating my mechanics when I’m in the game. My bullpens, they’ve been good. But the games, I’ve had troubles. In Portland and today, I felt good. I felt real good. I felt like for the most part I was keeping the ball down and attacking the zone. It was just that rough fifth inning, I made a couple bad pitches. If I throw a better pitch to their third hitter, the lefty…”

“I was just trying to get that out, but they found a couple holes and they put some good swings on it. I left a couple pitches up, but I felt like I was one pitch away. I made a pitch to Arcia, I threw curveball 0-2. If I throw a curveball down, or Murphy called fastball up, which I probably should have went with that. If I miss, follow with a curveball. But, it’s just things you learn from. But overall, it felt good.”

“I felt like I was in control the whole game. Other than that fifth inning, a couple mistakes up…other that that, I felt good. I was able to come back out for the sixth inning and got two quick outs, gave up a hit and struck the last guy out. My last two starts, I feel like I’m moving in the right direction.”

“To be honest, nobody wants to come down. I knew was something was going to happen, it’s just a matter of where I was going to go. I spoke to them and I felt like I needed a little change just to get on the right track and get my confidence up, and they sent me down here, so I knew something was going to happen. Now it’s just a matter of me coming out and doing what I have to do to get back up.”

“I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I said something, I needed a change. I don’t know if they were going to send me down anyways. But I just feel like I needed to get my confidence up and maybe a little different routine was going to help. I’m here. I wasn’t trying to be here, but things happen for a reason. Like I said my last start, I’m just trying to finish strong. I feel like my last two starts, I’ve been under control, it was just a bad inning. I was one pitch away. I felt like a could have gone eight. I just felt like I was in a groove the whole time.”

“I felt good in spring training, I think I had a good spring. They liked what I did up there. My first start was good, and then I think I had a bad one in Buffalo and I think I just let it carry on too much, to where every start was just where I’d have a good one and then it was back to the same thing. It’s frustrating, you want to go out there and pitch good. And I feel good. My bullpens have been good. It’s like man, why can’t I do this in a game. It’s like what I was doing in the bullpen was a complete difference than what I’m doing in the game. In the game, mechanically I’ve been messed up. But here, I feel like what I’ve been doing in the bullpen has been carrying on the game.”

“I try to look back to a couple years ago where I had success outing after outing. I had spots last year where I pitched good. I just feel like I feel so good that I shouldn’t be struggling the way I’ve been. I feel like the last two starts have been a confidence booster. Now, we’ve got the All-Star break, and it’s always good to see the family. I feel good. My arm is good, I feel like I’m going in the right direction. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.”

“I feel like I’ve taken a little step back because I’m here, obviously. I feel like man, the things I’ve been doing in the last two starts, that I’m going in the right direction, and I’ve just got to keep that mindframe. Seeing some of these guys that I played with last year kind of helps and relaxes you in a new environment. Everything helps in that case. It’s just keep compiling good starts. I’ve thrown two six inning starts so far, and threw more strikes and kept my walks down. It’s a matter of getting better every time out.”

“It was great (to come out for the sixth). Tommy (Phelps) asked me if I wanted to go back out for the sixth, and I was like, ‘Yeah, definitely.’ Everything happened after two outs, so I knew I was going to be able to go back out and settle in. It was definitely good to finish that inning strong and not get taken out of the game. A lot of that happened in Triple-A, so it was definitely good to finish that inning strong.”


“Where it falls for me with him coming back here, my job is to make sure he gets out there every fifth day. (Pitching coach Tommy Phelps’) job, I think is to make sure that all the physical attributes of pitching as well as some of the mental structure and thinking of how to pitch is done on a daily basis. Those people who work in the mental aspect of the game are here, and our pitching coordinator is here. So everybody is here to do what they were supposed to do to help Dellin stay on track, get on track. Was it an outing that could have been better? Yeah. But I think it’s a process getting this kid turned around to where we think he’s going to be major league ready. It’s a process for all these youngsters. The one thing I’m cautious about, and I want you guys to try to be cautious about is this kid is still very young in his career, very young in his age. And for that reason, he has time to develop. We need to remember that, we need to give him as much time as he can possibly have. When he gets it together, the kid’s going to be pretty good. He’s pretty good right now, just because of his physical ability to throw the ball hard and throw a good breaking ball and throw a good change of speeds. It’s there. It is there. As long as we continue to see that, we have to exhaust every avenue we can to get this guy on track and get him turned around so he’s going to go (up). I’m pretty sure that it’s maybe somewhat of a confidence issue, and I think we all suffer that. It’s human nature. Some of the best players in the world and athletes in the world sometimes have some confidence issues. But I think they overcome them, and when they do overcome them and get on the right track, they’re OK. So this is why we need to be very patient with him and exhaust everything we’ve got, and once he gets it turned around, I think he’s going to be pretty doggone good.”

“We didn’t help him that particular (fifth) inning…but by the same token, he’s got to be able to overcome those things. I think all pitchers have to be able to overcome some defensive deficiencies that we have behind them, whether it be at the Double-A level, Triple-A level, major league level, guys are going to make mistakes behind you. And you’re going to have to go right back and get the next out and shut down the inning. That’s what we’re looking for. Did he do that tonight? No, he didn’t do that tonight. I don’t know what he was thinking at that time. I just don’t know what he’s thinking. What I do know is he got a little faster and faster, and that’s something that I think they’re trying to work on, is just slowing him down and think about what you’re doing and proceed from there. Just make sure all your ducks are in a row and then rock and fire. I think that’s part of the process.”

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


4 Responses to “Game 85: Post-Game Notes (Updated)”

  1. Dealin Dellin Says:

    Thanks again for the thoroughness of your reporting. I was at the game, about 12 rows up from the plate, and my takeaway was this was a very positive outing for Betances.

    Really appreciate you providing nuanced responses that allows us a look into their and his thinking. Fantastic stuff.

    Unlike some previous starts, he was throwing downhill again and actually getting some calls on the inside corner, and again his curveball was dropping off the table late and getting swings and misses. What he is not doing that he consistently did in 2010: nailing the outside part of the plate against LHB. He got squeezed a few times I thought as well, and the infield had some shaky moments. All in all, something solid to build on. I’m thrilled they let him come back for the sixth. I was on the edge of my seat, literally, ready to give Nardi (who was a few rows in front of me) a piece of my mind had they not brought him back out!

    Great work, Mike. I want to see him get promoted, but am not looking forward to the diminished coverage!!!

  2. kinglear Says:

    Awesome stuff, Mike! You are a must read these days! Did Nardi say anything about Dellin?

  3. thunderbaseball Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, guys! I tried to talk to Nardi today re: Dellin, but he had a bunch of stuff to do and was unavailable. Tommy Phelps will talk to me about him tomorrow.

  4. kinglear Says:

    Great. Ask Phelps if they are just trying to have him repeat or if they are tweaking anything. What about the short vs. longer stride? Thanks, Mike. You rock!

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