Game 86: Pre-Game Notes

6:00 PM — Nothing going on.  Zero.  Mikey O’Brien’s official injury has been changed from “left leg bursitis” to “ingrown toenail.”  That do anything for you?

4:15 PM — Looks increasingly likely that Jacoby Ellsbury will rehab with Portland this weekend in Trenton.

Also, the air conditioning has been fixed in the clubhouse. 

3:45 PM — Who has two thumbs and starting lineups?  This guy…

Thunder lineup: Pirela LF, Maruszak SS, Adams 2B, Almonte Z DH, Mesa CF, Murton 1B, Segedin 3B, Brown RF, Farnham C, Nuno P

Rock Cats lineup: Hicks CF, Herrmann DH, Arcia RF, Colabello 1B, Bigley LF, Romero 3B, De Los Santos, SS, Roof 2B, Lehmann C, Thompson P

3:00 PM — Not a whole heck of a lot to tell you right now.  For the second straight day, the air conditioning in the Thunder home clubhouse has failed.  Not ideal.

Also, according to Newsday, Joba Chamberlain and Austin Romine are both inching closer to a return.  Chamberlain threw to Romine during a 25-pitch sim game today, and Dan Brewer was one of the batters.  According to that story, Chamberlain and Romine are both possible for minor league rehab games as early as next week…problem is, Trenton isn’t home again after their six-game homestand ends on Monday until the 19th.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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