Game 87: Pre-Game Notes

6:10 PM — Nothing going on here. Thankfully, a common theme of the past few days given the injury problems this team has endured.

Spoke with Neil Medchill before the game, as well as Luis Dorante. I need story ideas for Monday and wanted a lot in the can to pick from…so you’ll see one of those in the paper, and one on here. Just not sure what’s what yet.

3:15 PM — Thunder lineup: Pirela 4, Marsuzak 5, Adams DH, Almonte Z 9, Mesa 8, Murton 3, Murphy 2, Medchill 7, Mujica 6, Marshall P

Sea Dogs lineup: Bradley, Jr. DH, Hazelbaker 7, Brentz 9, Smith 5, Butler 2, Hedman 3, Hissey 8, Gibson 6, Gentile 4, Kehrt P

2:45 PM — Well, if you were thinking of coming to the ballpark to see Jacoby Ellsbury play, think again.  Kevin Thomas has the story of how he’s headed to Pawtucket to continue his rehab instead.

That picture to the left is one of Ellsbury I shot when he originally came through here with Portland in 2006.  Notice the future Yankee on the top step of the dugout, too.

Just a reminder that starting today, Luis Dorante will take over managerial duties for the team until Tuesday, when Tony Franklin is expected to return from his fifth trip to the Futures Game.

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