Game 89: Pre-Game Notes

10:50 AM — Lineups…

Thunder lineup:

Pirela LF
Adams 2B
Z Almonte RF
Murton 1B
Mesa CF
Murphy C
Segedin 3B
Medchill DH
Mujica SS

Phelps P

Portland lineup:

Bradley, Jr. CF
Hazelbaker LF
Smith 3B
Rodriguez DH
Spring 1B
Butler C
Hissey RF
Gibson SS
Dent 2B

Clay P

Info…well, not a lot there.  Addison Maruszak has the day off after coming out of yesterday’s game with dizziness due to dehydration.


Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


One Response to “Game 89: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. kinglear Says:

    Hi Mike, would love to hear about JR catching Phelps and JR’s thoughts on catching a more advanced pitcher like Phelps. Also any additional info on what JR is working on defensively, how the org/he feels he is progressing as a catcher would be good. Also has Phelps been told anything by the Yankees? Sounds like Garcia is getting that last spot. Do they leave Phelps in AAA to stayed stretched out or bring him back as the long man? Also when is Abe supposed to come back? Thanks, Mike.

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