2012 Eastern League All-Star Game

7:20 PM — Video…

5:50 PM — A few photos…

Melky Mesa enjoying the action

Kevin Mahoney in his return to Trenton…well, sort of.

Hey, kids! It’s Brett Marshall!

Marshall gets loose in the bullpen

Abe Almonte, who is here but unable to play due to injury

Cody Johnson, also unable to participate.

Reliever Kelvin Perez

5:00 PM — Spoke to both Brett Marshall and Kevin Mahoney in the home All-Star clubhouse.  Marshall confirmed he’s going two innings, and Mahoney confirmed he’s playing despite still being on the Thunder DL.


“It’s…there’s no words to put it.  It’s exciting, man.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, is to make an All-Star team.  This was one of my goals this year too, was to come in and hopefully make it.  To now start it, it’s really cool.”

“It’s rewarding, I’ve worked so hard.  Since high school, I’ve worked my butt off.  It’s rewarding knowing that if you work hard, you get great things out of it.  If I keep my same work ethic, hopefully it’ll keep taking me further.”

“It’s been exciting to play against the guys you play against and to see what kind of guys they’re like, it’s fun.  Everybody’s here to have a great time, and I’m just having fun.”

And I’ll have a story with quotes from Mahoney in the Hamilton Pulse…

4:20 PM — Lineups…


Eury Perez, CF
Jeff Kobernus, 2B
Niuman Romero, SS
Jordan Lennerton, 1B
Thomas Neal, DH
Tommy Joseph, C
Chris Rahl, RF
Robbie Widlansky, LF
Daniel Mayora, 3B

Chris Heston, P


Ryan Goins, SS
Cesar Hernandez, 2B
Darin Ruf, 1B
Mike McDade, DH
Mark Sobolewski, 3B
Leandro Castro, LF
Bryce Brentz, RF
Sebastian Valle, C
Melky Mesa, CF

Brett Marshall, P


3 Responses to “2012 Eastern League All-Star Game”

  1. louie Says:

    Mr.Ashmore any chance after the all star break that Marshall or any of the Thunder players get promoted to AAA.

  2. Mash Says:

    Wouldn’t shock me to see Mesa go…but Marshall will likely spend the majority of his year here, if not all of it. Just guesses, though.

  3. Art Vandelay Says:

    Teams spend a lot of money developing logos and then no one sees them at the All-Star game, because they are wearing these ugly blue hats with a yellow “B”. Looked like the UCLA Bruins. That was a poor move by Reading. The visiting teams with the hot dog on them were worse.

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