Field Trip!

So, I recently headed out to Reading to check out the R-Phils and Bowie Baysox. The trip was of course entirely centered around wanting to see two teams that hadn’t come in to Trenton and absolutely nothing to do with wanting to spend a few days with my girlfriend. Of course.

What made the trip particularly worthwhile — outside of the girlfriend element and getting to hang out with Josh Norris, who I believe you folks are familiar with — was that Trevor May was starting for Reading, and he’s unlikely to take the ball when the Phillies do visit later this week. He’s Philadelphia’s top prospect, and I wanted to see what the hype was about.

If I’m basing it off of one start…not a ton. He relied way, way too much on his fastball and wasn’t mixing pitches much at all. He wasn’t consistent in locating said fastball, which sat at 93 MPH and touched 95 MPH…he seemed to ramp it up a tick on two strike counts. I liked his curveball, just didn’t get to see it much.

On the Bowie side, Manny Machado intrigued me. Baltimore’s second-best prospect (behind only Dylan Bundy), he ranked no lower than 11th in the big four Baseball America writers lists of the best prospects in the game in the 2012 Prospect Handbook. He’s 19, is an everyday Double-A shortstop and was fresh off the Futures Game.

Defensively, I liked him. Of course I’d go and he wouldn’t have a ball hit his way until the fifth…but his range, release and instincts were all excellent. He made a couple plays he had no business making. Impressive. Offensively? Well…no. I was really disappointed with what I saw on one of May’s K’s, in which Machado struck out on a missed third strike and kind of jogged to first. Can’t do that. Guys have been pulled for less.

Video of that and other things below…

If you go to my YouTube account — — you can find some video I posted from Lakewood the other day…good stuff of Phillies and Texas Rangers prospects.

Trevor May

Sebastian Valle

Manny Machado

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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