Game 97: Pre-Game Notes (Dan Brewer Traded)

7:00 PM — I’ll have a Brewer story in The Trentonian with quotes from Tony Franklin…

3:45 PM — Just got off the phone with Mark Newman, who made this whole thing a lot easier to understand.  Brewer has been traded to the Braves.  Period.  Brewer had rehabbed with the GCL team in the past few days, but was transferred off of there today. 

“He’s a good guy, and we couldn’t get him at-bats here,” Newman said. “Hopefully things will work out for him there.”

The 25-year-old outfielder was hitting just .221 in 104 at-bats

3:40 PM — Lineups…

Reading lineup: Hulett 3, Hernandez 4, Ruf DH, Castro 7, Abreu 9, Ashe 4, Valle 2, James 8, Hanzawa 6, Hollands P

Thunder lineup: Pirela 4, Maruszak 6, Adams DH, Zoilo 9, Mesa 8, Murton 3, Mahoney 5, Murphy 2, Medchill 7, Hall P

3:30 PM — The Montgomery and Farquhar moves are now official…but get this.  According to a team press release, the Yankees have assigned outfielder Dan Brewer to…the Braves organization?  I’ve never heard of anything like that in ten years of doing this.

3:00 PM — Not a whole lot going on just yet…still awaiting official word on the Mark Montgomery promotion, which was first reported last night by Josh Norris.  Danny Farquhar has definitely been recalled to Triple-A Scranton, however…that part is set in stone.

Josh Romanski tweeted that he’s heading to Staten Island…I’m pretty sure he isn’t just looking for a nice place to visit, so he’ll likely start his rehab assignment there and work his way back.  Amazing that the Yankees would shut a guy down for THREE MONTHS with a blister.  They’re notoriously cautious with injuries — and boy, have there been a ton — but that seems crazy.

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5 Responses to “Game 97: Pre-Game Notes (Dan Brewer Traded)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    romanski is indeed going to have a couple rehab starts in staten island and if all goes well be back in trenton shortly

  2. Anonymous Says:

    romanski is doing a couple of outings in staten island as rehab if all goes well he will be in trenton soon

  3. Tom from Phila Says:

    I really liked Danny Brewer, I hope all goes well for him.

  4. Peter Lacock Says:

    And I thought the Yanks wouldn’t make a trade before the deadline.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    romanski threw two innings one hit one strikeout looked real good

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