Games 104+105: Pre-Game Notes

4:45 PM — Long trip back…but I made it.  Ryan Flannery and Walter Ibarra have both been activated off the DL.  Lee Hyde was promoted to Scranton and Neil Medchill has been placed on the DL with a legit lower left leg injury.

The story of the day for me anyway is David Adams taking ground balls at third base again.  Josh Norris and I spoke to Tony Franklin about it, and I spoke to Adams about it today after Norris did yesterday.  Some selected comments…


“He looks OK, he looks like a third baseman.  I’ve been around long enough to make a quick assessment, and sometimes that’s all you have time to do.  You see him a couple days and see him take grounders, and I thought he looked OK.  He looked like he knew what he was doing.”

“There’s nothing tough about (playing third base).  This is baseball.  If you’ve got the ability, you can turn the hot corner cold.  It’s no big deal.  I don’t look at it as being tough.” 


“We’ve gotten some quality work in over the past few days.  I’ve been there before (with Charleston in 2009), so it’s nothing new to me, it’s just been a few years.  It’s not like it’s a new position or it’s not like it’s me going behind the plate and catching.  I’ve done it a lot in the past; I’ve played short, which is on the same side, and I’ve played third.  Then I moved to second in college.  It’s one of those things where I’m familiar with it, it’s just getting the little kinks out maybe with some positioning.”

“The biggest difference…third base is just one step.  Second base, you’ve got all the time in the world.  It’s a little better.  Third base, you don’t have to think too much.  It’s just one step, catch the ball and get rid of it.  It’s a little nicer over there, you get some hot shots over there.  Bunt plays are tough.  We’ll see.”

“(The Yankees) can throw anyone over there at any time.  Everyone knows what’s going on up there.  For me, ultimately it opens up avenues.  It means now I have that option in my pocket if I need to throw it out, but ultimately for me I have to go about my business. If something happens, something happens.”

4:00 PM —

Lineups are the same as they were yesterday, of course…

Trenton G1 lineup: Pirela DH, Maruszak 3B, Z. Almonte RF, Murton 1B, Mesa CF, Mahoney 2B, Segedin LF, Gil C, Mujica SS, (Betances) P

Harrisburg G1 lineup: Goodwin CF, Kobernus 2B, Rahl LF, Van Ostrand DH, Walters SS, Hood RF, Bloxom 1B, Pahuta 3B, Watts C, (Holder) P


6 Responses to “Games 104+105: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. Dealin Dellin Says:

    Interesting stuff on Adams. We could sure use someone who can play a little over there who also has a stick. Adams has a little more athletic ability than Joseph, who, I guess, has also played some 3B.

    Good stuff.

    Looking forward to velo, etc. from Dellin start today. I unfortunately can’t make it.

    Thanks for all the interesting material you cull for us!

  2. Mash Says:

    Betances first (third) inning video posted on my YouTube page. Sitting 95.

  3. kinglear Says:

    Thanks, MIke. Let us know velo and any other observations.

  4. kinglear Says:

    I meant velo going forward…

  5. walter Says:

    Great to see Adams getting work in at third. But why hasn’t he played last couple of games?

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