Game 108: Pre-Game Notes (Joba Chamberlain Rehab)

4:20 PM — Chamberlain signing autographs for fans before the game…

3:45 PM — Some pre-game comments…


“Joba’s going to come in, finish an inning, and then pitch a clean inning. Hopefully, (we don’t have runners on base), but that’s the idea. Come in with two outs, guys on base and finish the inning and have a fresh inning for the next one.”

“It’s a different feel when you come into the game with the pressure of runners on base in that situation.”


“We won a championship (in 2007) with him and Ian. We had other guys; Marquez and Horne, who had great years that year. Joba came late that year, and he was destined to leave early. He pitched well here, moved on and did extremely well.”


“I remember I caught him in spring training when he was still in the rehab process and getting back on the mound. He was telling me he was feeling good with his rehab process then, and I’ve heard good things about him now, that he’s throwing hard.”

“It’s cool, it’s cool to have a guy like that in the clubhouse and to catch him. It doesn’t happen every day, so it’s cool.”

“Anyone who’s had as much experience as he’s had, it’s cool to work with them. You try to learn as much as possible.”

“I caught Pettitte this year in Tampa a couple times. It was really cool. He’s definitely someone good to learn from because he’s been in the game for so long. I learned a lot from him, more about the way he carries himself and what it takes to be successful.”

“It was probably a little different atmosphere for him pitching in the Florida State League compared to pitching in New York. It was cool to see how his gameday mentality didn’t change even though he was pitching in Tampa

2:15 PM — Lineups:

Thunder lineup: Pirela 2B, Maruszak DH, Adams 3B, Murton 1B, Mesa CF, Mahoney RF (!), Murphy C, Segedin LF, Ibarra SS, Hall P

Harrisburg lineup: Goodwin CF, Skelton LF, Van Ostrand RF, Walters SS, Bloxom DH, Pahuta 1B, Nicol 2B, Lozada 3B, Ivany C, Perry P

The plan for Joba Chamberlain is as follows. He will enter the game in relief, presumably in the middle of an inning and preferably with runners on. Shaeffer Hall obviously would not enjoy the latter scenario. Chamberlain is not available to the media prior to the game, so we’ll have comments from him afterwards.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


3 Responses to “Game 108: Pre-Game Notes (Joba Chamberlain Rehab)”

  1. Kinglear Says:

    Mike, are you taping Joba’s pitches and recording velocity of pitches? That’d be great!

  2. Mash Says:

    Yes and yes.

  3. Kinglear Says:

    You rock!

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