Game 109: Pre-Game Notes (NO JOBA)

5:55 PM — Shaeffer Hall has been placed on the Thunder DL with a “left big toe injury.”  He is fine.  It’s just another pitcher getting shut down because of innings.

A few Tony Franklin quotes…

“It’s pretty good to make it through (the deadline) with everybody still intact.  I think they made a deal with the Pirates, and it didn’t involve any of our guys, so we’re still OK.”

“(The pitching matchup) is going to be good.  These are two very good, young talented pitchers out there.  I saw Cole in the Futures Game…he’s pretty good.  I think Brett has done a fantastic job.  I didn’t know a  lot about Brett before the season began, but he’s quite impressive.”

4:35 PM — So, word out of New York is that Joba Chamberlain — who was physically in Trenton this afternoon — was going to be activated tonight after the Yankees traded Chad Qualls to Pittsburgh for Casey McGehee. 

4:00 PM — Lineups…


Chambers, CF
Holt, SS
Santos, DH
Curry, 1B
Tejeda, LF
Cabrera, C
Cunningham, 2B
Welch, 3B
Latimore, RF

Cole, P


Pirela, 2B
Maruszak, SS
Adams, 3B
Almonte, RF
Mesa, CF
Murton, 1B
Mahoney, DH
Murphy, C
Segedin, LF

Marshall, P

3:30 PM — Today’s going to be a fun one.  Gerrit Cole vs. Brett Marshall, a Joba Chamberlain rehab appearance and it’s trade deadline day.  I’ll have you covered here all day long.  Lineups when we get them.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


3 Responses to “Game 109: Pre-Game Notes (NO JOBA)”

  1. kinglear Says:

    Looking forward to your coverage, as I can’t attend. What is the rotation going forward? When’s Betances pitching next? Thursday? Thanks, Mike.

  2. Mash Says:

    O’Brien-Betances-Nuno-Hall. Betances on Thursday, yes.

  3. kinglear Says:

    Thanks, Mike.

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